Burgess Owens’ full speech at the Republican National Convention

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Former NFL player and Republican nominee for Utah’s 4th congressional district Burgess Owens spoke on the third night of the Republican National Convention on August 26, 2020.

Ladies and gentlemen I’m Burgess Owens.

Shackled in the belly of a slave ship, an 8 year old boy named Sals Burgess came to America to be sold on an auction block. By the grace of God and courage of slaves who believe in freedom, Sals escaped through the Underground Railroad and settled in the great state of Texas. He went on to become a successful entrepreneur. He build his communities first church, first elementary school and purchase 102 acres of farmland which he paid off in 2 years.

I’m here today, a candidate for congress, because of my great-great-grandfather Sals Burgess. I was raised in the South, during the days of Jim Crow and the KKK. He went to the challenges of segregation. We were taught that anything is possible in America. When I was 22 years old I though all my dreams had come true when I was drafted by the New York Jets. Ten years later with a pro bowl nod and a Super Bowl championship under my belt, I left the NFL to start a business. I thought I could never fail, but years later I did, and I lost everything. As I moved my family of 6 into a one-bedroom basement apartment in New Brooklyn New York, I had a choice to make, feel sorry for myself or get to work. I worked in the chimney sweep during the day and security guard at night. It was humbling to be recognized cleaning a chimney by someone who was cheered me as of NFL fan. But those hard days would pay off and eventually I started to career, a rewarding career in the corporate world.

We live in a country where the courage to dream big, where second chances are at the core of our American DNA. We don’t hear that same message from Nancy Pelosi’s congress. Career politicians, elitist, and even a former bartender want us to believe it’s impossible. They want us to believe that what I did, what my great-great-grandfather did, is possible for ordinary Americans. As patriots we know better.

This November we stand at a crossroad. Mobs torch our cities while popular members of Congress promote the same socialism that my father fought against in World War II. We have a Democrat candidate for president that says that I’m not black if I don’t vote for him. Now more than ever we need leaders who stand by their principles and won’t compromise their values for political opportunities. Now more than ever and he leaders will stand up to the lawlessness supported by the radical left. This November we have an opportunity to reject the mob mentality and once again be the America that my great-great-grandfather believed in. During the Trump administration business ownership among blacks, Hispanics and females have reached all-time highs. Those same groups enjoy the record low unemployment and unprecedented prosperity, and we’re just getting started.

I went to Congress because we don’t need more career politicians, we need a few more chimney sweeps. We need more leaders like President Trump, who understand the freedoms that make up the fabric of America. My fellow Americans, specifically my Democrat and independent friends, it’s now time for us to unite and put a side partisan barriers. Help us win back the House, keep the Senate and give our President four more years, and I promise you, we will make you proud.

Burgess Owens for Congress

Thank you and God bless the United States of America.

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