Candace Owens on how the black vote could impact the Trump campaign

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Candace Owens weighs in on the black vote and its impact on the Trump campaign and the 2020 election on ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ with Maria Bartiromo.


Maria Bartiromo: Welcome back. It was quite a night last night, Fox News projecting Bernie Sanders as the winner of the Nevada caucuses. This is the third win the Vermont Senator doing well in a racially diverse state. Nearly 30% of the population is Hispanic or Latino and 10% is African American. So, as the Democrats move forward, let’s talk about how important the black vote will be. Candace Owens is the host of the Candace Owens Show. She talks about this a lot and she’s also out with a new book called Blackout. Candice it’s great to see this morning thanks so much for joining me.

Candace Owens: Thank you for having me.

Maria Bartiromo: So you’ve talked a lot about a the support for President Trump and Black America. Give us your perspective on Black America today.

Candace Owens: I think its the most, one of most interesting components to look at heading into this election is the black vote, primarily because of the Democrats rely upon it heavily. They’ve relied upon our, the black so heavily for the last six decades which is why you see them increasing the rhetoric and constantly accusing conservatives of being racist. But why this is interesting is because their accusations are no longer landing in a way they are used. And what I mean by that is that, you know, the 2016 election there was this a palpable fear, not just amongst black Americans, but amongst all Americans on both sides. But they didn’t know exactly what to expect from Trump he wasn’t your career type politician heading into this election cycle people now know we’ve had him for four years. So telling us that we need to be fearful, telling us if Trump gets into office he is going to ruin Black America, we’re all going to be back on slave ships which is quite literally the type of rhetoric they were using in 2016, doesn’t land the same. We’re looking at the actual results, or seeing that we’ve had a republican-conservative president for the last four years, and he’s been able to accomplish more than a black president did in 8 years. So the stakes are higher. Every poll that you look at shows, I don’t care if you’re looking at a left-leaning poll or right leaning poll, they show that black support for Donald Trump has increased and that it is a detrimental threat to the Democrat Party, who cannot afford to lose even five points of the black vote or else their entire party is finished.

Maria Bartiromo: Yay, I mean, we had Senator Tim Scott on the other day and well he was talking about on this program is about the policies, the fact that unemployment in the black community is at a record-low, prison reform, here’s a bit of Tim Scott two weeks ago on Sunday Morning Futures watches this.

Tim Scott: On election day 2016 he’s around 8 or 9%. Right now his approval rating on the last four polls that I’ve seen is over 30% and there is a very specific reason, reason why that is the case. He has not only said what he was going to do, he actually has done it.

Maria Bartiromo: You, you agree with that Candace, and what is most important do you think to this voting block?

Candace Owens: I think just living better. I mean, I ask a simple question to my family members and my close friends. I say are you living better today than you were living under the presidency of Barack Obama, and the answer across the board is yes. There are jobs, there are opportunities. And, you know, it used to be the expression ‘it’s the economy stupid’ right, I mean, people are doing better under this economy. So they’re are going to have difficulty contending with the fact that people are living better, are feeling more confident. I mean, look at the State of the Union Address, he knocked it out of the park. He discuss the fact that 7 million people in this country are off of food stamps. 10 million people are off of welfare. And you had Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib say that’s when she got up and left because food stamps are being taken away. Does she think that black Americans and Americans overall are too stupid to understand the importance of coming off of food stamps. Does she not understand that there is pride in no longer having to turn to the government for handouts to be able to afford to feed your family. I mean. this is a Democrat arguing that we should want to turn to the government for answers, this is a socialist argument right that we should be expanding government programs because the government should replace the families and strong fathers in the home, and it’s wrong. You know, America as a whole is doing better under this presidency and I just do not see a way for for them to beat Donald Trump in this election cycle.

Maria Bartiromo: Yay, its funny that you mentioned it, obviously it’s better not to be on food stamps. It’s better not to have all of these free benefits that that the government is promising. It’s much better to have opportunities, to work, and then obviously to make as much as you could earn by working. He does this effectively through social media as well, doesn’t he? People complain about his tweeting and yet it’s resonating with a lot of the country.

Candace Owens: That’s the number one thing that I say, especially when I speak at a lot of GOP dinners across the country, as I say, the number one feed I get from older conservative especially, I just wish he would stop tweeting, and I cannot make this statement clear enough for America today. Donald Trump should never stopped tweeting. It is how Donald Trump won the election in 2016. This is how the president, he’s brilliant when it comes to culture, and there is always cultural presidents. As technology changes, you know every three decades, JFK was a TV president because he was so good-looking. FDR was the radio president, being able to speak to America. And Donald Trump understand social meeting and understands culture. He is a cultural president and it is why he is able to bring over people that do not traditionally follow politics, right, people like me. Many black Americans find themselves a, more invested in culture, right. Donald Trump is cultural so he’s able to play in both species of politics and culture and blend them beautifully to communicate the importance of the policies that people are getting delivered into their homes. I love Donald Trump tweeting. Do I agree with every single thing he tweets, no, but I understand the importance of the overall method of being able to effectively communicate things to the voters directly.

Maria Bartiromo: So give me your assessment in terms of black support today for President Trump going to South Carolina, going into the election in 2020, and how would you assess what we’re seeing in terms of Bernie Sanders? Bernie Sanders is winning now, three caucuses.

Candace Owens: Right, and which is not a surprise. And I say this, to go to Bernie Sanders first. I appreciate people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. People can’t hate her, but thank goodness for her, right, she is the Jeremy Corbyn of America, somebody who is willing to boldly outright say what they are after, right. Before I feel like that the Democrats and socialists were good at hiding what they wanted. We want to steal your money. They were good at hiding that messaging so they seemed much more normal. But she’s so boldly saying that they want these lunatic policies. Bernie Sanders is boldly out in the front saying, here’s what we’re going to do, you’re not going to have your private healthcare, were going to socialized healthcare. It is thanks to that, that the Democrat Party is effectively splintered. Ah, there’s no way forward because the party is Splinter. The moderate Democrats are not going to get behind Bernie Sanders, that’s common sense. The Socialist Democrats not going to stand behind Michael Bloomberg, that’s common sense. You think of socialist Democrats have spent the last four years complaining about the fact that Donald Trump is a white billionaire from New York only to then get behind a white billionaire from New York, a Michael Bloomberg, of course not. This is why there is effectively no where forward. Their party is literally broken at this moment in time and it is the most fascinating time you pay attention to Democrat Party. I cannot look away. It is prime time television every single time. I cannot wait until Super Tuesday. I’m looking forward to it like the Night Before Christmas.

Maria Bartiromo: Laughter That’s funny. Candace it’s so great to have you on the program. You got to come back soon.

Candace Owens: Absolutely, thank you.

Maria Bartiromo: Thank you so much. Check out her book Blackout and the Candace Owens Show.

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