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Joe Biden eats ice cream and worries about being ‘woke’ while Communist China is busy with world domination.

In fact, the advances made by the Communist Chinese in just the first six months of the Biden administration are frightening.

And now the ChiComms are setting up the world for this catastrophe of biblical proportions.

We’ve already seen what Communist China can do.

Afterall, it’s now all but certain that COVID was released either accidentally or purposefully.

And many think that was just a dry run.

We are also seeing an increase in ChiComm economic activity in the US as they buy up everything from housing developments to steel companies, pig farms and playgrounds in an effort to financially control the world’s largest economy.

And now, Communist China is almost ready to launch a new digital currency that will give the regime in Beijing total control over the Chinese people once and for all.

But, according to CBN’s Chief Executive Officer Gordon Robertson, the move has huge implications for the rest of the world too, and Robertson says this digital move is setting us up for the fulfillment of one of the Bible’s End Times prophecies.

The Communist Chinese government is pushing full speed ahead on many fronts to further restrict what its population can and cannot do.

They already restrict the right of assembly. They already restrict religious freedom. They seriously restrict political speech.

Any speech critical of their government (and the way they run things) is not tolerated and punished severely.

Look at what’s happened in Hong Kong over the last two years and you get a clear picture of what the rest of Communist China has been like for decades.

So, they must control their people even more. And they’re doing it already with social credit scoring, which means if you don’t score a certain way, you’re not allowed to travel.

But now, the ChiComms are set to be able to turn off all money instantly to anyone who they consider too socially unacceptable, an enemy of the state, or a problem.

Those people would not be allowed to travel, buy or sell, have no right to participate in the marketplace, no ability to buy food, medicine, fuel – basically no right to survive.

That’s what digital currency allows a government to do. And if you think it’s just going to happen in Communist China — think again.

The Federal Reserve is already looking at a national digital currency for the United States.

Right now, the U.S. is spending ourselves into oblivion and what allows us to do that is that we have the world’s (reserve) currency. So we are borrowing against the value of our currency in order to have a two trillion-dollar deficit (and rising).

Well, that will come to an end at some point soon.

China’s betting on it, and they want to step on the world stage with digital currency.

You and I will be subject to a government that will absolutely restrict your access to that digital currency in an effort to control you.

That’s exactly how you get to the fulfillment of a Bible verse that says you can’t buy or sell without a mark.

And it is exactly how you get to a world where the ChiComms and/or their socialist puppets in the U.S. call the shots, while the average American suffers.

What was once a far-fetched conspiracy theory is now a very real threat.

The 2022 elections could be a defining moment in American history, and we should make sure that all Americans have access to the truth so they know just what is at stake.

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart