Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump and Lara Trump news conference: Every vote counts to the Trump campaign

We don't take a single vote for granted!

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Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Lara Trump and Brad Parscale hold a news conference amid Iowa caucuses sharing about the Trump coalition and how every vote counts to the Trump campaign.

Lara Trump shares about the numerous coalitions that have come together to support Donald Trump’s re-election.

Those Trump coalitions include:

Black Voices For Trump

Black Voices for Trump will encourage the black community to re-elect President Donald J. Trump by sharing experiences and successes of everyday people as a result of the Trump administration. Re-electing the President will ensure greater economic opportunity, safer communities, and better healthcare policies for generations to come.


Cops For Trump

President Donald J. Trump supports the men and women that wear a badge and represent the thin blue line that protects America.

The radical left continues to demonize, disparage, attack and vilify cops. Our nation’s law enforcement officers leave for work every day not knowing whether they will return home safely. For President Trump, supporting those who serve and protect, while upholding the rule of law is critical in the fight to Keep America Great.

Cops for Trump is a coalition of the men and women who know that the future of our country depends on the support of those who support law enforcement. Trump loves cops and cops love Trump!


Evangelicals For Trump

Evangelicals for Trump will engage the Christian community to help re-elect President Donald J. Trump in 2020. Through re-affirming support for President Trump, evangelicals across the country will work to deliver a second term – ensuring that pro-life initiatives, religious freedom, and the appointment of conservative judges are kept as a top priority for four more years.


Latinos For Trump

Latinos For Trump are are Latinos who will unite and mobilize to re-elect President Donald J. Trump. Another four years means more jobs, better education for our kids, and freedom from big government.


Pro-Life Voices for Trump

Pro-Life Voices for Trump will mobilize support for President Trump to secure four more years of strong leadership and pro-life values in the White House. Under the Trump administration, the unborn have the ultimate advocate. From appointing pro-life judges, to stopping the flow of taxpayer-funds to abortion providers, and defending the unborn abroad — the case is clear for a second term for President Trump.


Veterans For Trump

President Donald J. Trump has done more for our nation’s heroes than has any other President in history. In 2016, President Trump campaigned on giving our great veterans the care, benefits, and respect they deserve, which is why he won their votes by a 2 to 1 margin. Veterans for Trump will highlight how President Trump has delivered on his promise to reform the VA, including signing key veterans legislation like the VA MISSION Act and the Forever GI Bill. Beyond that, the Trump economy has led to the lowest unemployment rate among veterans EVER. Re-electing the President ensures that veterans will have a leader in the White House who will fight for those who have answered the call to defend our great country. Together, with President Trump, we will Keep America Great!


Women For Trump

Women for Trump will empower women to re-elect President Donald J. Trump by sharing their experiences and successes during the Trump administration. Re-electing the President ensures greater economic opportunity for women, safer communities for our families, and commonsense healthcare policies for generations to come.


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