Endorsed by Trump, Walker Shows He Runs His Own Game in Georgia Senate Race

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He’s not very polished, but Herschel Walker speaks to a crowd with a lot of conviction and drive. He takes the positions you expect a Republican to take, but finds the roots and reasons in his own life story.

He talks about growing up poor in Wrightsville, Georgia. He talks about picking peas and cotton, and thinking that baling hay was a step up; a better job. He talks about the hard work that made him a Heisman Trophy winner as he led the Georgia Bulldogs to a national championship.

He talks about running a business. He talks about his well-known mental health problems and his consequent sensitivity to the issue. He talks about his lifelong support of law enforcement and the military, and volunteer work with same, about his faith and the central role that prayer takes in his life.

He talks about the problems of an uncontrolled southern border, and the fentanyl—most of it made in China—pouring across it taking almost 100,000 American lives a year. He talks about the scourge of crime, the folly of defunding police, and his support for those in blue. He alleges a homelessness problem across the street from the church of his opponent, incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock, pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church where Martin Luther King once preached, and that maybe this country should look to fix problems like this before spending money on more migrants.

Because Walker is addressing a room of several hundred primarily Jewish Republicans at an event in suburban Atlanta organized by the Republican Jewish Coalition, he speaks of his support for Israel. He talks about having been uplifted by the Abrahamic Accords that brought peace between Israel and several Persian Gulf Arab nations, and about being appalled that this signal Trump achievement received so little praise. He butters the folks up by noting the large number of Jewish winners of the Nobel Prize, disproportionate to Jews’ very small world population.

By Dan M. Berger

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