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Discover America’s past and its relevance to the present in an interactive and immersive experience on Philadelphia’s Independence Mall. Six years and $60 million in the making, the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center is the newest high-tech and high-touch attraction in America’s founding city. Designed to guide the visitor in a personal exploration of the relationship between faith and liberty in the American experience by illuminating the influence of the Bible on individuals in key historical and personal moments. The center’s galleries and exhibits reveal personal stories of how faith guides liberty toward justice.

The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center invites visitors of all backgrounds to discover the relationship and role of faith and liberty in fostering core American values and to discover what these values mean for themselves. It is an immersive experience led by a diverse team of top historians, religious experts, and legal scholars from across the nation who help give shape to the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center’s narrative experience, while also ensuring full historical accuracy.

Facts & Figures

The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center is located at 5th and Market Streets on Independence Mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the center of America’s Most Historic Square Mile.

Size: 40,000 sf 
Active exhibition space: 25,000sf
Floors: Galleries: 6
Estimated completion: 2020

Diverse Experiences

At the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center, visitors engage with stories through film, interactive media, imagery, artifacts, discussion, and reflection. Throughout the galleries, visitors may delve into a rich collection of American treasures that articulate the relationship between faith and liberty and reveal how Americans have defined and embraced core values.

Self-Guided Exploration

Visitors pick up a lamp at the beginning of their journey and use it throughout the galleries to engage with exhibits. Content throughout the galleries are responsive in surprising ways, and visitors may collect specific content that inspires them. Visitors can see the result of their engagement in a unique visualization, and access their collection post-visit.

Community Reflection

Emotional linear film and interactive media take visitors back in time, reveal first-person perspectives, and make history relevant to America today. Personal reflection booths and communal spaces bring visitors together, engaging people of diverse backgrounds in an exercise of mutual understanding and discovery.

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