France Fights Back In Mass Protest

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One of the stories you won’t see on the mainstream news is the rebellion against Covid-19 mandates in foreign countries. The French people, in particular, have taken to the streets repeatedly to protest against the Macron government’s restrictive policies on vaccination passports.

Jerome Riviere, French member of the European Parliament:

“All through August, every Saturday, you have hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating because they are against what we call the “sanitary pass.” Ub fact, you cannot do anything in France — you cannot go to a restaurant, you cannot go food-shopping — you cannot do anything without this sanitary pass.  It’s full control of the government of everything youy do according to your health. That want you either to have a vaccine or they want you to take a test regarding Covid every three days. … It is really a march for freedom. They are fed up with the government trying to control everything that the population does. … It is a takeover of the government of our freedom.”

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