Gen. Michael Flynn: Don’t Fear, Embrace What’s Coming in 2023 and Beyond

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Looking forward to 2023, I see considerable realignments amplifying throughout multiple aspects of our lives.

The persistent exposure of truth and lies will continue to shake many Americans. While we may see breaks in foundations that have been built over decades, an untouched and promising vision of America is also emerging.

Often, confusion precedes clarity, and together we can shape the America that our children and grandchildren inherit. A nation and a people with an increased understanding of our founding documents and a newly ignited respect for freedom and our country’s guiding principles is a force to be reckoned with.

It may be difficult to see at times, but Americans have begun to reach out to one another, and we must continue to push forward with that trend. As truths are exposed, more people wake up to question the current narrative. They may question why their doctor won’t prescribe ivermectin or why certain businesses no longer accept cash and coins as payment.

Crowds of citizens now fill what were once empty school board and city council meetings. Mothers and fathers have found their voices and find themselves earnestly involved in their children’s education. Concerned community members are building bonds at public meetings and creating a new vision for the future, together.

Homeschooling coalitions are gaining momentum in every corner of the United States. The time spent with our youth is valuable, and many parents needed that reminder. Homes with two working parents have found a way to make it work, for the sake of their kids.

Leaders at every level are being questioned and held accountable by their constituents. Everyday Americans are learning the rules within their governing bodies, and when certain rules are disregarded, communities are learning how to overcome adversity. Patriots are seeking each other out and setting small disagreements aside to focus on our country’s future.

Churches are starting to acknowledge that their congregations are wanting more. We are no longer satisfied with attending churches because they are across the street. People are driving across town to find places of worship that offer the Word of God but are also not afraid to address current events.

By Michael Flynn

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