GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski is Joe Biden’s Chief Enabling Officer

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Kelly Tshibaka is the Trump-endorsed candidate to replace Lisa Murkowski as Alaska’s senator, and she is a fire-breathing America First candidate who is sick of RINO’s like Murkowski supporting the establishment uni-party in the DC Swamp.

“[Joe Biden] can’t achieve this record of being the worst president in American history without what we call ‘bipartisan support.’ And that bipartisan support chiefly comes from Lisa Murkowski, who I call his Chief Enabling Officer, his CEO. Sh frequently will cross the line and become a Democrat for him. She’s buddies with Biden and has confirmed more than 90 percent of his radical nominees, the people who spearhead his America-obliterating agenda… One of the people she confirmed with this disaster at the border [was] Secretary Mayorkas [of Homeland Security].”

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