John Fetterman’s Debate Performance Reveals that Compassion Is Now ”Ableism”

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Remember Water Gate? No, not THAT one. I am talking about the Marco Rubio’s Water Gate of February 13, 2013:

“Rubio, who had mopped his brow a few times previously during the speech, was in the midst of maligning what he called “false choices” Mr. Obama laid out between big government and big business. But he interrupted his thought to grab a small water bottle apparently at his side, ducking down and nearly out of of the camera frame, before taking a sip and continuing with his remarks.”

Immediately, the political universe went nuts. Marco could not have been more embarrassed if he dirtied his pants on national TV (or, as Biden calls it, meeting with a foreign leader). Marco was proclaimed a diminished man who was not fit to serve in the Senate because he could not finish a 10-minute speech without taking a sip of water. That was a career-ending move.

That dumpster fire came very vividly to me as I watched the media’s reaction to John Fetterman – Dr. Oz debate. A true exercise of cruelty to a disabled person, the Democrats let a patient recovering from a debilitating stroke to humiliate himself on national TV. Picking even a remotely qualified candidate would guarantee an easy win for the Democrats against a controversial Republican like Dr. Oz. But instead of acknowledging a mistake, the Democrats declared that Fetterman’s opponent speaking in a coherent fashion was “bullying a stroke victim.” And anybody noticing the stark contrast between the two candidates was “ableist.”

“Ableist” is one of many words invented by the woke mob which has no meaning. It is used to accuse you of being a terrible human being for a reason you can’t fully grasp. People with disabilities are the ultimate “ableists” because they understand like nobody else that having a disability is a terrible thing. No disabled person wakes up in the morning thinking that their disability is a blessing. Disabled people know that they often need to fight for even the basic things that other people take for granted. They appreciate when other people share that understanding. It is what we used to call “compassion.” Now it’s called “ableism.”

Only a true moron would insist that a disabled person has the same advantages and opportunities as a person without a physical malady. Yet, this idiocy is now declared a virtue. Instead of understanding the nature of a person’s physical challenge and making it easier for them to overcome it, we must now pretend the difficulty does not exist and a disabled person can succeed at anything just as easily as anybody else. Apparently, it’s noble (not cruel!) to insist that someone with a missing leg can run a marathon or encourage an autistic child to participate in a debate competition. In the ultimate exercise of “fighting ableism,” world powers surrendered their energy policy to the mentally challenged teenager – only because they did not want to seem cruel by acknowledging that her daily rants lacked clarity and common sense.

John Fetterman suffered a stroke in the middle of his primary campaign. Instead of immediately replacing him with a different candidate, the Democrats “doubled down” on the Far Left radical, desperately covering up for his physical challenges. And when his debate performance exposed yet another media malpractice, far from hanging their heads in shame, the media declared that everybody who thinks Fetterman is unfit to be a Senator is an “ableist” (read: a terrible person).

To the media, disability is only as disqualifying as the party affiliation of the person that has it. CNN demanded that Donald Trump resigned because he was overweight, and there was that one time he walked funny. The “well-renowned doctors” of The View diagnosed Hershel Walker as “woefully unqualified” because “he was hit too many times during football.” And Marco Rubio was unfit to be a Senator because he needed a sip of water during his speech. But a mumbling mess named John Fetterman is the second coming of Churchill, and Biden’s memory lapses are just the adorable babble of a beloved grandpa.

It’s too bad Fetterman is very unlikely to make it to the Senate this time around. Dianne Feinstein needs a lunch buddy.

By Tatyana Larina

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