I Was a Spy for the FBI

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I Was a Spy for the FBI shares Marion Miller Neuberger’s experiences working as a counterspy for the FBI in the Los Angeles Communist party during the 1950s. This was recorded April 2008 at Historical Society of Laguna Woods, California of the Past Orange County Digital Stories #001.019

I Was A Spy

The memoirs of Marion Miller of Los Angeles who worked for the FBI in the 1950s as an undercover spy in Communist Party. After joining the CP, she worked undercover for five years, copying documents and taking copious notes on meetings which she turned over to the federal government.

“When Marion Miller was invited to join a Los Angeles society supposedly for the advancement of the foreign-born in America, she little suspected that she was signing up with a notorious Communist -front organization…. When she reported the society’s seditious plotting to the FBI, she was asked to remain in the organization as a presumably loyal member, and report back to Washington. Suddenly she found herself an undercover agent for democracy in a quiet residential suburb of Los Angeles.” – dj.

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