Iron Dome Funding: A Referendum on Supporting Terror in Congress

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News this week of Democrats withdrawing the funding of the Iron Dome from the US budget in order to accommodate left wing extremists within the party is nothing other than a capitulation to terror in the halls of Congress. It represents another case of people claiming to support Palestinian Arabs doing something anti-Israel (and in this case also antisemitic), but in fact harming the well-being of the Palestinian Arabs on whose behalf they fraudulently claim to advocate.

Israel’s Iron Dome defends Israelis of all backgrounds, including Israeli Arabs, from the deliberate targeting of Israel’s citizens from the firing of thousands of rockets to inflict the most damage and death. Millions of Israelis are protected by this defensive technology that tracks rockets from the moment they are launched, calculates the trajectory and where the rockets will land, and fire a countermeasure in seconds to destroy the rockets in mid-air before being able to do harm.  It’s reported that each countermeasure costs at least $50,000.  Above is a video of the Iron Dome at work, filmed from my bedroom window with my children commenting as we watched from dozens of miles away this past May.

However, the Iron Dome protects millions of Palestinian Arabs as well. You see, the Palestinian Arab terrorist leaders store and fire their weapons in civilian areas knowing that Israel resists attacking these targets and risk collateral damage and death of Palestinian Arab civilians. Yet if one terrorist rocket were to get through the Iron Dome, and were to hit a kindergarten, a school, a mall, an apartment building, an old age home, or a synagogue or a mosque, and there were to be lots of casualties, Israel would be left with little choice but to strike back at the very terrorist targets which they hide behind, and under, Palestinian Arab civilians.

By Jonathan Feldstein

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