Is Mass Formation Psychosis Real? Hear The Long List Of Proofs

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Is mass formation psychosis real?

Ghent University professor Mattias Desmet’s interview with Tucker Carlson’s Today provides the foundation to explore the question. We provide a present-day long list of examples of groupthink to drive home the point. 

We can only break the hold of the delusion by speaking the truth in the face of insanity. Below is an excerpt exploring this phenom. 

  • Ghent University professor Mattias Desmet on Tucker Carlson Today discussing mass formation psychosis – see here.
  • New Thinking on ‘Mass Formation’ (Psychosis) article – see here.
  • A list of examples of collective groupthink presently – see here.
  • Finding America’s moral compass article – see here.
  • Mass Formation Psychosis – video explaination – see here.

Listen to the entire podcast here.

By Bekah Lyons

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