Journalist Andy Ngo Confirms He Was Chased and Beaten in Portland While Covering Antifa

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The Epoch Times

Journalist Andy Ngo, who has spent years documenting the activities of the anarcho-communist group Antifa, confirmed in a statement on June 2 that he was once again assaulted while he was reporting on protests in Portland, Oregon.

The attack against Ngo occurred on May 28 when the journalist was covering a rally on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death. Several media outlets reported that a group of protesters pursued and assaulted a man who they believed was Ngo. However, the man’s identity could not be confirmed at the time.

In his account, Ngo, editor-at-large for The Post Millennial, said the assault began shortly before midnight when an Antifa member who had allegedly assaulted the journalist in 2019 approached him with questions. Ngo said he attempted to avoid speaking with the man and walked away, but “a group of masked people in black” began pursuing and surrounding him. One of the protesters pulled down Ngo’s mask and immediately yelled: “That’s Andy. Get him! Get him!”

Ngo recounted how the group chased him through downtown Portland before tackling him to the ground in front of Pioneer Place Mall. His attackers allegedly punched him in his head and face.

“I pleaded for them not to kill me. All the time I could hear the angry cries and footsteps of the mob approaching,” Ngo wrote.

He said that at one point, he managed to crawl away and escape to the nearest business, which was The Nines hotel. He alleged that while he was inside, members of the group began pounding on the doors and windows while screaming Ngo’s name. He said the episode lasted for about an hour before riot police arrived.

Video footage of the incident released by Willamette Week shows individuals, some clad in black and masks, yelling “Nazi scum” and expletives at The Nines hotel. The individuals appeared to have spotted Ngo, and began screaming his name and pounding on the windows. At one point, several individuals attempted to gain entrance into the hotel, but employees blocked their path. Other individuals continued to yell expletives in the direction of the hotel.

Ngo was eventually transferred to the hospital for injuries to his head and body. Photos show that Ngo was scraped, bleeding, and bruised.


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