Proof: Kamala Harris Is Descended From Slave Owner

Dinesh D'Souza gives the scoop on Kamala Harris' slave-owning ancestor
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If we are going to take down statues and hold all current Americans responsible for slavery in the United States, then we must hold Democrats responsible for the people running their party.

Kamala Harris is on the wrong side of the Left’s two biggest issues, reparations and #MeToo.
1. She’s descended from one of Jamaica’s largest slaveowners
2. She used her sexuality to levitate up the political ladder. Those closest to her—her dad and mom—have confirmed these facts

Some leftists are mad that I published the names of Hamilton Brown’s 200 slaves. But why not? They are the true voiceless ones. Meanwhile Kamala Harris, whose family profited by their oppression, has the big megaphone and falsely plays the victim. A shameful inversion!

Here are the names of the 200+ slaves owned by Kamala Harris’ ancestor Hamilton Brown in Jamaica in 1817. One of the largest planters in Jamaica, Brown now has a town named after him, Brown’s Town

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Kamala Harris Has a Slave-Owning Ancestor – So What? (Part 2)

Dinesh D’Souza explores the implications of the “first black woman” candidate #KamalaHarris being descended from one of the largest slaveowners in Jamaica.

Here’s the Part of Kamala Harris’ Past the Media Won’t Show You

Kamala Harris’ roots are Indo-Jamaican. Here I talk about her socialist grandfather P.V. Gopalan, her cynical mother Shyamala, and the family’s roots in the Indian caste system.


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