Kanye West Talks Faith and More

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In an interview with Luther Luffeigh on BigBoyTV, Kanye West talks about his breakdown, his faith, and being relate-able in middle America.

“You can’t imagine when I go through middle America. Like, let me tell you its like, I was driving fast, I was looking at a property this 4000 acres we were going to buy out here, and I’m trying to drive fast to the freeway and I hit a red light and a guy said where you gotta go so fast that you gotta drive this and cut me off. What Kanye, thank you for what your doing for our country. Thank you so much!!!

Like You have no idea. You be out her in L.A. and New York and they have you all jacked up on Mountain dew. This reality is not real. People are connected to the idea of having there own land. People are connected to the idea of the service of Christ. This is the Bible Belt. This is America. This is where we are free to worship Jesus in the open, and that’s a privilege.

I was talking to James Cordon earlier and I told him, I said, my father’s a Black Panther and my mother got arrested for the sit-ins at age six. They were fighting for us to have the right to our opinion, not the right to vote for however the white liberal said black people are suppose to vote for. Hear what I’m saying. Then James Cordon went in and said, will this President, your Christian, and this President, I don’t see anything Christian about him. I said, okay, so last year you all tried to tell me who I’m suppose to vote for because I’m black. Now this year white liberals are trying to tell me who I’m suppose to vote for because I’m a Christian. That would be like, I live in Calabasas, so my car gotta be a convertible, huh. This is all based on your all vision of what I’m suppose to do.”

It’s not a matter of whether you like it or who like it, we are in a country where were allowed to like whatever we like. I love Jesus Christ. I love Christianity.

Gianno Caldwell and Kanye West agree that “Democracts have encouraged through policy and their own words the abortion of black babies.”

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