Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell: You are disgusting cowards. And we are coming for you.

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“CAUGHT! McConnell and Rove’s lies and accusations just blew up in their face. Your cowardly attack on me [Eric Greitens] as a father has already been proven false. We’re going to win this race and take the country back from the RINOs and their leftists friends.”

Karl Rove Works Behind the Curtain to Tarnish MAGA Candidates

Timothy Parlatore, attorney working on behalf of Eric Greitens, talks about the personal attack made against Greitens by his ex-wife. Greitens is running for U.S. Senate from Missouri, and Parlatore says there is evidence that GOP consultant Karl Rove had a role in encouraging the ex-wife to accuse Greitens of abuse. Host Steve Bannon says he will work to defeat any GOP candidate accepting help from Rove.

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart