Kassam: There’s Been 20 Years Of Heartbreak

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“War Room” co-host Raheem Kassam reflects on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 from the point of view of one who lived in England at the time.

“For a young man like me — I think I was just 14 or 15 — it was just bewildering, and then getting to grips with everything that took place over the next 20 years, everything had the backdrop of 9/11.”

The National Pulse

America’s 20-Year Heartbreak.

No one reading this needs to be reminded of what happened 20 years ago. We have it etched in our souls. We will, as we always pledge, never forget.

But in addition to that grievous morning the fates of the innocent, it is our duty to remember the 20 years of what President Trump called ‘American carnage’ that followed.

Overzealous and poorly informed, globalists dropped the nation’s children off into the desert. Many came back in coffins. Some never came back at all.

This has been the background of American life for the past 20 years.

As China launched its first manned space mission in 2003, Americans were dying in Afghanistan.

As Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, Americans were dying in Iraq.

The founding of SpaceX, Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, the first election of Angela Merkel, the inception of Twitter, the launch of the iPhone, the election of the first African-American president, the Boston Marathon bombing, the death of Michael Jackson, the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, the Malaysian Airlines disappearance, the Paris attacks, Europe’s Migrant Crisis, same-sex marriage, Brexit, Trump, and everything that came after.

All these events occurred against the backdrop of death, drone-strikes, and devastated families. On both sides.

Joe Biden’s handling of events – from cancelling an emergency evacuation bureau just months before the Afghanistan withdrawal to the vengeful murder of children in a final act of petulance and incompetence – should raise further questions about the actions and behavior of the West’s military and political leaders. What other incidents have occurred over there, 7000 miles away, in the name of the American public, or under the banner of Old Glory?

By Raheem J. Kassam

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