Kevin Mccarthy discusses the Bloomberg Campaign and Pelosi’s dirty plan over the economy: ‘They have nothing to win!’

Speaker Pelosi has already surrendered to the Socialist.

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Maria Bartiromo: Welcome back to breaking news this morning. White House hopeful. Michael Bloomberg. is making headlines this weekend. New York City mayor reportedly considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate after internal polling found that the combo could be a formidable force. The Bloomberg campaign did not deny the report. Let’s bring in California Republican Congressman House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Thanks so much for joining us.

Kevin Mccarthy: Thank you.

Maria Bartiromo: Let’s start there. Bloomberg-Clinton. How do you see it?

Kevin Mccarthy: It tells me three things. First it tells you that Bloomberg realizes he cannot win the nomination against Bernie without cheating, so he’s going to bring Hillary in because, remember Hillary cheated Bernie last time to win the nomination. The chair the party had to resign the night before the convention because they were caught. Secondly, it tells you about Bloomberg himself that he believes he can manipulate democracy. Remember what he did as mayor. He changed, he got the city council to change term limits. He doesn’t believe the 12th amendment applies to him, he’ll just move to Colorado. And thirdly, it also means something different. The hypocrisy of Democrats themselves. They cry about money, but they took more than a hundred million dollars from Bloomberg last time to buy Congress and what did it get them. It got them a congressmen by the name of TJ Cox out in California. He just got $144,000 tax lien for the IRS. He doesn’t want to pay his taxes, but he votes to raise yours. You’ve got Bernie Sanders who is a millionaire who doesn’t believe anybody else should have money. It’s just those three major things that is wrong with this Democratic party, and why President Trump has built a strong economy and will win regardless who did Democrats, if they treat Bernie and have somebody else. The best thing to democrats should do for their convention is have a pay-per-view, because it’s going to be the most interesting fight internally and cheating that we’ve ever seen in politics.

Maria Bartiromo: Well, you know, its interesting, because within the Democratic party some of them don’t want Bernie, we know that, Hillary Clinton’s thrashing him all the time. Some of them don’t want Bloomberg either, because of all of that money. How far would that money go, because we know that he gave the Democrats 100 plus million dollars last year, and it worked, they took the House Majority.

Kevin Mccarthy: You know its interesting, follow the tweets of Michael Bloomberg. He tweeted that he became a Democrat just days before he released the hundred million dollars. Was he trying to buy a nomination a few years later to run for president? Interesting question. I wonder why he did it? But what’s interesting here is that the Democrats who are afraid of Bernie Sanders because he’s a socialist, I don’t know why? Speaker Pelosi has already surrendered to the Socialist. More than half of their entire conference has already co-sponsored medicare-for-all, socialized medicine. Think also, that they have a majority of them who have already supported a Green New Deal that will destroy our economy.

Maria Bartiromo: Let me ask you about your money because GOP fundraising has been going real well. I know you’re going to be catching up with with President Trump and then you will travel to California, your bring the president to Bakersfield, your hometown. You’ve got a big fundraiser coming up hosted by Larry Ellison. What’s the status in terms of your own fundraising and what kind of a reaction are you getting from donors post impeachment?

Kevin Mccarthy: I mean, its number one in value of agriculture and if there is anything that the coronavirus should actually follow what we need, the security of our food supply, making sure that it’s grown in America, that it’s safe and secure. We have a real concern in California because we send most of all water out to the ocean and sending it down to Southern California to our farm lands in the San Joaquin Valley and others. This president has worked greatly, using science, not based on politics, but on science, to allow to have more of that water stay with the Californians and America to make sure we’re secure in our food supply as we move forward.

Maria Bartiromo: You, there was a meeting that Nancy Pelosi had, she said that she wants the conversation to start shifting to the economy. What can you tell us about that behind the scenes meeting that Nancy Pelosi, is she changing her tune to actually talk about what’s important to the American people now?

Kevin Mccarthy: Well, that’s a real, that’s a real sign that the Civil War inside the Democratic Congress. They’re very upset that they have nothing to run for re-election upon except impeachment and so they got together and said what should we do, we should go after the economy, but another thing, they’re continuing to lie about it when we’re flourishing in the economy. 61% of Americans are better off than they were 3 years ago. No president running for re-election has ever seen these numbers. 91% of Americans are happy with their lives. This is a real concern for the Democrats because they have 30 Democrats sitting in seats that Trump carried, and they’re going to lose and it only takes 18 to change the house.

Congressman, will be watching, thanks so much for being here this morning. Congressman Kevin McCarthy joining us from Florida, soon going to California with the president.

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