Jim Jordan’s full speech at the Republican National Convention

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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) spoke on the first night of the Republican National Convention on Aug. 24, 2020.


Good evening. I’m Congressman Jim Jordan representing the fourth district of Ohio. The Republican party is the pro-America party. President Trump is the pro-America candidate. This election is about who can preserve the values, principles, and institutions that make America great. Don’t believe me? Look at what’s happening in American cities, cities all run by Democrats, crime violence and mob rule. Democrats refuse to denounce the mob, and their response to the chaos, defund the police, defund border patrol and defund our military. While they’re doing all this, they’re also trying to take away your guns. Look at the positions they’ve taken in the past few months, Democrats, won’t let you go to church, but they let you protest.

Democrats won’t let you go to work, but they’ll let you riot and Democrats won’t let you go to school, but they’ll let you go loot. President Trump has fought against each of their crazy ideas. He’s taken on the swamp, all of the swamp, the Democrats, the press, and the never Trumpers. When you take on the swamp, the swamp fights back, they tried the Russia hoax, the Mueller investigation and the fake impeachment, but in spite of this unbelievable opposition, this president has done what he said he would do. Taxes cut, regulations reduced, economy growing, lowest unemployment in 50 years, out of the Iran deal, embassy in Jerusalem, hostages home from North Korea, a new USMCA agreement, and of course he’s building the wall and rebuilding our economy as we speak.

I love the president’s intensity and his willingness to fight every day in Washington for our families, but what I also appreciate about the president is something most Americans never get to see, how much he truly cares about people. Our family has seen it. Two years ago, our nephew Eli was killed in a car accident. He lived a mile up the road from us, grew up wrestling and training with our boys, was a high school state champion, varsity athlete for the University of Wisconsin. It was a Saturday morning, three days after the accident, I walked to the car to head up to Eli’s parents’ home when the president called. We talked about a few issues and then he asked how the family was doing. I said, “They’re doing okay, Mr. President, but it’s tough.” The president said, “Yeah, losing a loved one is always difficult. It’s really tough when they’re so young.”

I then said, “Mr. President, I’m actually walking into their house right now. Obviously they don’t know that I’m talking to you, but if you’d be willing to say hello to Eli’s dad, you’d make a terrible day a little less terrible.” “What’s his name?” the president asked. I walked through the door and said, “Todd, the president wants to talk to you.” For the next five minutes, family and friends sat in complete silence as the president of the United States took time to talk to a dad who was hurting. That’s the president I’ve gotten to know the last four years. The president who shared private moments like this with soldiers, victims of violent crime and people who’ve had businesses destroyed by the mob. That’s the individual who’s made America great again and who knows America’s best days are still in front of us. That’s why I’m busting my tail to help him get reelected. I’m asking you to do the same. Thank you and God bless our country.

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