Mayra Flores For U.S. Congress For Texas 34 District

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The time is now. Democrats have long felt entitled to the Latino vote with little to show in return. Mayra plans to change that and earn your vote.

Voters in District 34 are realizing we no longer have to beg for scraps from Nancy Pelosi. The incumbent recently retired making this an OPEN seat that we WILL take back! We are hungry for opportunity and have seen the Rio Grande Valley lean more and more conservative. America First policies resonate with the Hispanic community and others who live in this district. For over 100 years, the Democrat Party has taken for granted the loyalty and support South Texas has given them for decades. They do nothing to earn our vote or our support. And meanwhile, President Biden has signed a record number of Executive Orders to kill Texas jobs, weaken border security, and remove protection for the unborn. Enough is enough.

I am ready to fight for South Texans. I am ready to serve and I ask for your vote in the 2022 Special Election on June 14!

Mayra Flores

Visit the Mayra Flores For Congress Website

Visit the Mayra Flores For Congress Website


My christian faith is a core part of who I am. My parents raised me to be a strong woman of faith and defending individuals religious liberties will always be a priority of mine.

I will always fight for the unborn and advocate for pro-life policies in Washington.

My family is the most important thing in my life. I was raised with strong family values and work to instill them in my own children. Family values are one thing that make our community in South Texas so special and strong.

America is the greatest country in the world and it has afforded me the life I have today. Through hard work anything is possible in America. I will ALWAYS put America first.

Visit the Mayra Flores For Congress Website

Pro-Second Amendment
The right to bear Arms is something I hold near and dear. Americans should always be able to protect themselves and their families. I will always fight for our second amendment rights.

Pro-Law Enforcement
I am married and a proud U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) wife. Law enforcement will always have a fierce advocate if I am elected to Congress.

Pro-Border Security
Illegal immigration encourages and funds human/child trafficking. I legally immigrated to America when I was six years old. Living in South Texas offers a unique perspective on illegal immigration and how it affects the livelihood of American citizens. We MUST secure our border to keep bad individuals out and to encourage LEGAL immigration.

My goal is to fight for every veteran; to fix the current health and medical issues at the VA, to address the amount of homeless vets on the streets, to get additional funding and resources so they can over come any mental issues they face. I love all our men and women in uniform, both past and present.

Visit the Mayra Flores For Congress Website

Texas is the economic engine of America because of its low regulation and pro-business mindset. Texans know that when you get the government out of the way and let the private sector create jobs, the economy will flourish. I am an advocate against socialism and will always promote capitalism.

Pro-Oil and Gas
The oil and gas industry is critical to the success of our State and Nation. The industry has been hit hard in recent years but I will always work to help the oil and gas industry and stand firm against radical policies that would undermine it

Pro-Affordable Healthcare
As a healthcare worker I speak to residents of CD 34 day in and day out and understand that having access to affordable healthcare is the most important issue facing residents of South Texas. In Congress I will always strive to improve our healthcare system and work to find solutions that will lower the cost of prescription medicine.

Visit the Mayra Flores For Congress Website

Visit the Mayra Flores For Congress Website

About Mayra

Mayra Flores was born and raised with humble beginnings in Burgos Tamaulipas, Mexico. Her parents and grandparents raised her with strong conservative values and to always put God and family first. She came legally to the United States at six years old with the help of her father. Her father gave her family the biggest gift, the gift of becoming a proud, naturalized American Citizen.

Her parents were migrant workers, and like all migrant kids, she moved a lot growing up. She spent most of her life in the Rio Grande Valley and in 2004, she graduated high school in San Benito, Texas. Growing up, Mayra worked alongside her parents in the cotton fields in Memphis, Texas to earn extra money for school clothes and supplies. Instilling the value of hard work and the importance of education in her at a young age, Mayra remains a firm believer in the American Dream and will always fight so that others can achieve it as she has. She is eternally grateful to her parents for providing her with an opportunity to come to this amazing country to live the American Dream.

Visit the Mayra Flores For Congress Website

Mayra graduated in 2014 as a Respiratory Care Practitioner with the support of her family. She currently works caring for the elderly and disabled with chronic respiratory issues and has been on the front lines helping patients combat COVID-19. She continued her studies and graduated with a Bachelors in Organizational Leadership from South Texas College. Mayra currently serves as the Hidalgo County GOP Hispanic Outreach Chair and has played a critical role in growing and maintaining Republican support across South Texas. She believes that having a strong relationship with the community and understanding the needs of each individual should be a requirement for any political candidate.

Mayra believes in fortifying our legal immigration system, in securing our borders, lowering the costs of healthcare, lowering taxes, promoting small businesses, and less government. She is a Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment, and Pro-Law Enforcement candidate that wants to earn your vote. She is a proud U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) wife and a mother, fighting for a better future for the children of South Texas.

Visit the Mayra Flores For Congress Website

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