McAuliffe’s Critical Race Theory Lie

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The gubernatorial candidate denies the existence of critical race theory—but he promoted it in 2015.

Terry McAuliffe claims that critical race theory is “dog whistle” and has “never been taught in Virginia [schools].”

But in 2015, when McAuliffe was last governor, the Virginia Department of Education instructed public schools to “embrace critical race theory” in order to “re-engineer attitudes and belief systems.”

McAuliffe has called opposition to critical race theory a “right-wing conspiracy” and slandered parents as “racist.” But his own administration was promoting critical race theory in all Virginia public schools. 

Below is the full document that proves McAuliffe is lying:

Legal Implications of School Discipline: Street “CRED” (Culturally-Responsive and Equitable Discipline) (PDF)


Furthermore, in 2019, the State Superintendent sent a memo to all school districts directly promoting critical race theory, calling it “an important analytic tool” for addressing “power and privilege” in schools.

Resources to Support Student and Community Dialogues on Racism (PDF)


Critical Race Theory in Loudon County Public Schools (PDF)


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