MTG Takes Strong Stand For Fired Unvaccinated First Responders

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In the opening clip, watch Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene support fire firefighters who are being fired for refusing to get the Covid vaccination. Then she takes on MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough who said “Fire them” about the unvaccinated heroes.

“Joe Scarborough can go to hell. That’s what I have to say. Fire police officers? Fire firefighters? Fire all these people? Nurses? These are the people that would save his life if he had a car accident, if he had a heart attack… You know what, he can go to hell. Because these are the people that show up, when you are practically dead hanging out of your car. These are the people that show up if you get raped. These are the people who show up if someone if breaking into your house and beating you to steal what you have in your home, and Joe Scarborough says to fire them?”

Later, MTG confirms for the first time that she isn’t vaccinated and won’t get vaccinated until she chooses to do so of her own free will.

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