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British nationalist and BREXIT icon Nigel Farage joined Steve Bannon on “War Room” today to talk about America’s declining place in the world under Joe Biden.

“If I can put a slightly British stance on this, you know, we stood with America, and America stood with us, on virtually every major conflict since 1917. We’ve shed together much blood, much treasure, with some very common goals. That is now broken. There is today no special relationship whatsoever. Biden did this withdrawal unilaterally, without consulting us, without consulting NATO. Indeed when Boris Johnson rang in for an urgent conversation, Biden got back 40 hours later. Can you believe it? 40 hours later! In the middle of Kabul falling. I don’t think if there was another major jihadi problem in Afghanistan, and the Americans said we’re going back, British public opinion would not wear it at this moment in time. … I have to tell you Steve, I would not trust America in any joint activity with this administration in charge.”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart