Pence Brutally Called Out For His Part In Getting Trump Out Of Office

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This segment opens with a town hall meeting where former VP Mike Pence is challenged over his decision to not support President Trump’s request for an examination of the voting irregularity in battleground states. After the opening, Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro get after Pence for “lying and spinning.”

Navarro: “I’m so disappointed in him [Pence]. … Midway through the administration, an iron curtain literally descended around him, a Koch Brothers… shadowy money corporate network in the form of what I call in Shakespearean terms the Iago of the ‘In Trump Book’ — Marc Short [Pence’s chief of staff]… I don’t know if Pence is a dupe or just a liar, but it was Marc Short and Greg Jacobs who facilitated Mike Pence … betraying the president.”

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