The Deep State’s Grand Conspiracy To Remove Trump From Office

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The Deep State’s Grand Conspiracy To Remove Trump From Office

Steve Bannon celebrates the life of Rich Higgins, who died this morning after a Covid-related illness. Gray Delaney of Calamo Books is the publisher of Higgins’ book “The Memo,” which told the tale of how Higgins had written a memo while he was working at the National Security Council that outlined the forces lined up against President Trump. Everything Higgins wrote in 2017 proved to be true, but of course Higgins was fired for telling the truth.

Center For Security Policy

We Have Lost Rich Higgins, A True Patriot

February 23, 2021

My Dear Friends,

May God have Mercy.

I am so sorry to bring to all of you this terrible news, God has taken Rich home earlier this morning around 0300 EDT, the details of which are not clear at present. As I learn more in the coming days, I will keep all of you updated here, but feel free to reach out to me via this platform or via email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

This is such devastating news and I pray for God’s mercy upon Rich’s soul and the souls of all the dearly departed and ask for your prayers for Karin and for their children during this terribly difficult time.

Right now, I don’t have a lot of details because of the suddenness of Rich’s passing a few hours ago at Georgetown University Transplant Center.

I spoke to Karin a few minutes ago and basically we both cried in the sadness and tragedy of this terrible news but here are my thoughts that I would like to express to all of Rich’s friends and colleagues here on this platform and elsewhere:

I believe that God’s job in all of this is to care for the dead and the dying; and our job in all of this is to be present in the lives of those persons who are left behind l, and who look up into the heavens and ask “why?”, but hear back only silence.

Our job is to be God’s voice for the people who are left behind – to Rich’s Friends, his family, his many colleagues, pand be present in their lives this day and forever to try and console and provide aide and comfort.

Anyway, the road ahead for Rich’s family is going to be difficult and complex – and I ask for your continued thoughts and prayers both here on this platform and during your private moments.

May God Bless Rich and Karin — may Jesus care for them both as well as all of those of us left behind. May his mercy be present always in the days ahead during times of sorrow and times of joy. May God always comfort each of you and provide us all strength when we tire, remembering always the joy that Rich’s life brought all of us.

God bless you all in your going out, and in your coming in; in your Labour and in your leisure; in your rising up and in your lying down; until that day comes when there are no more tomorrows but life eternal.

Don, Team Member

Please buy Rich’s book, The Memo, to help support Rich’s family!!!!

Many of you know Rich Higgins, a former Trump administration official, US Army veteran and good friend of the Center for Security Policy,  Rich has been a tireless fighter for our freedom and security.

Rich was struck down in January 2021 with a devastating case of coronavirus and collateral complications. Rich suffered from a rare strain, resulting in a blood clot, which caused him to lose a portion of his intestines, requiring multiple surgeries and weeks in the ICU.

Rich is a true American Hero, father and friend to many. Rich and his family today really need our help and prayers from every fellow patriot reading this.

Rich was a key member of the Trump administration’s National Security Council. When at the NSC, he worked tirelessly to brief the President and Senior Executives throughout the DoD and IC.

Today, Rich is back in the hospital, after numerous surgeries and he is now 100% disabled and unable to work. His condition has created an enormous strain on Rich’s wife, Karin and their four young children. Rich will continue to require extensive medical care, as he hopes and prays for a transplant.

A Gofundme page has been created for donations to help Rich and his family at this link:

By Center for Security Policy

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