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House GOP Strategy Memo, Red Wave 2022

We’re closing in on our chance to end the Democrats’ grip on power in Washington for years to come and to FIRE Nancy Pelosi once and for all. Republicans are in a strong position to deliver the 2022 Red Wave (we only need to flip 5 seats) but now is the time when every volunteer voter contact and donation counts…

Here’s an exclusive look at Republicans’ path to victory to Take Back the House and how YOU can do your part in the final stretch to ensure VICTORY.

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Republicans are on offense:

Republicans are currently targeting 74 districts held by Democrats in the fight to take back the House. The average of these key races is a Biden +6%– meaning Republicans are competing to win seats that Biden won in 2020. Meanwhile, National Democrats are currently spending 80% of their money defending their seats. WE NEED TO KEEP THESE FAR-LEFT DEMOCRATS ON DEFENSE! Ignore the mainstream media polls attempting to suppress Republican turnout. We can and will control our own destiny to ensure the biggest Red Wave in history!

Here is the breakdown of the seats Republicans are fighting to FLIP on November 8th:

  • 16 Districts President Trump won in 2020 (TN-05; GA-06; TX-38; AZ-02; MT-01; FL-04; FL-13; ME-02; FL-07; WI-03; FL-15; OH-09; PA-08; TX-15; MI-10; IA-03)
  • 28 Districts that Joe Biden won by less than 10 points in 2020 (AZ-06; PA-07; MI-07; NC-13; VA-02; MI-08; OH-13; NJ-07; CO-08; KS-03; NY-19; PA-17; NH-01; NV-03; VA-07; WA-08; TX-28; MN-02; NC-01; IL-17; NY-03; NV-04; NY-18; IN-01; NV-01; NH-02; OR-05; MD-06)
  • 30 Districts that Joe Biden won by 10 points or more in 2020 (NY-17; AZ-04; GA-02; CT-05; NM-03; CA-13; IL-06; CA-47; CA-49; IL-14; CT-02; NC-06; NJ-05; CA-09; OR-04; OR-06; RI-02; NJ-03; CO-07; NM-01; NV-04; PA-06; IL-11; IL-08; NC-14; VA-10; NY-20; PA-12; CA-26; MN-03)  

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How you can help:

National Republicans ended the last fundraising quarter with a slight cash-on-hand advantage over Democrats, so Far Left activists and elites are now pouring in MILLIONS into Democrat campaigns and Nancy Pelosi’s dark money super PAC to help fund TV ads smearing America First Republican candidates with false and disgraceful personal attacks. Across the country, Pelosi’s puppets are shamefully attacking veteran candidates and spreading vicious lies about GOP women running for Congress because they’re DESPERATE.

Republicans like House GOP Chairwoman Elise Stefanik MUST continue strong fundraising to help support these candidates and fuel National Republicans’ strategic offensive spending. As GOP House Conference Chair, the founder of E-PAC, and a leader in President Trump’s America First moment, Elise is playing a KEY role in Republicans’ mission to take back the House.

We’re counting on YOU to help Team Elise fuel the 2022 Red Wave to Save our great country.

Please Volunteer with your local Republican party, for any of our targeted congressional campaigns, you can find more info at

In addition to volunteering for the party, can you donate right now to help Republicans take back the House and Fire Nancy Pelosi once and for all? Your donation to Team Elise is used to directly support Republican candidates in critical targeted seats.

Visit he Red Wave 22 Website

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart