Senator Tuberville on the Cost of Impeachment

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Democrats first attempt to impeach Donald Trump cost the American taxpayer $3.9 million dollars. We couldn’t afford it then and we certainly can’t now – in the middle of a pandemic. Why should hard working Americans foot the bill for political theater?


Today is the second day of the impeachment trial in the Senate. I’ve already taken two votes to say this trial is unconstitutional. Not only does this trial set a dangerous precedent by impeaching a private citizen, but it also is costing American taxpayers money when we all know what the result will be in the end. Well, the Democrats first attempt to impeach Donald Trump cost taxpayers over three million dollars over three months. Simply put, we can’t afford  three million dollars then, and certainly, we can’t now, in the middle of a pandemic. I want to know how the Democrats can justify spending millions of dollars on an unconstitutional trial when Americans are out of work and our economy just took a hard, huge hard-hit. Impeachment isn’t going to reopen our economy, make sure our kids get back to school or pay bills for me and  Alabamians out of jobs. Congress needs to get to work and stop with this kangaroo court.

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