Sunday Thoughts: A Paradox of Systemic Racism vs. Systemic Wokeism – What Can One Do?

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Systemic racism refers to how racism is embedded within the structures and institutions of society, perpetuating inequalities and injustices across generations. This form of racism operates at a systemic level and can manifest itself in various ways, such as in policies, practices, and procedures that disadvantage people of color.

The critical systemic parts of our society that are often cited by those that believe systemic racism is prevalent are – government policy, businesses, media, academia, and entertainment. These institutions, knowingly or unknowingly, join together to harm people of color. Hence, various remedies, both government and the private sector, are often proposed to correct these wrongs.

Though few argue that systematic issues of racism have existed in the past (i.e., Jim Crow laws), they have been largely eliminated today and have created an even playing field of opportunity today. And yet, inequality continues to exist between races – for example, black-white wage gaps are worse today than in 2000. And yes, saying the wrong thing can get you canceled – something Scott Adams found out recently.

This has led some to believe, especially on the conservative side of the political spectrum, that the issue is cultural and largely within the control of those who believe they are a victim of racism. In other words – don’t point the finger at the system, point the finger at ourselves.

When this “take personal responsibility” or “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” message comes from conservatives, it is met with cries of being part of systematic racism. Nevertheless, sometimes this “take personal responsibility” message can resonate for a few. See this below in a couple of Tweets from “supposed” influencers on racism.

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