The Illusory Empathy of Joe Biden

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Remember the pain and anguish the 2016 election made you feel?  The cost of your latest heating bill may be obscuring your memory, so here is a reminder from Time Magazine:

“When [2020] election results first began to trickle in on Tuesday, I’d already been reliving several days’ worth of PTSD from what I’d experienced in 2016. I was still a single parent then, with two young girls safely asleep in the 660-square-foot apartment we had in low-income housing, but as votes were tallied, the world around us began to feel less safe.”

Trump’s presidency was everything the media dreaded, and more.  The big orange meanie spent his time midnight tweeting while drinking coke from a can.  Meanwhile, he had not started a single war, opting for peace deals and bringing home American hostages.  While insulting Jim Acosta’s very existence, Trump touted a booming economygrowing wages, and low unemployment.

Things seemed good on the surface, but the media constantly reminded us that peace and prosperity was just a shaky façade for Trump’s inner demon.  Like the good arsonists, the media ignited dumpster fires and then called for professional help to put them out.  A 3-year “Russia collusion” barrage kept the public attention well away from stocked shelves and low prices.  “Systemic racism” seemed like a heavy price tag for safety and prosperity.  And when Covid hit, Trump utterly failed to make use of his magic want to crash it in two weeks, and possibly even made the Covid gods mad with “hateful rhetoric.”

Covid was a tricky beast; navigating through it required a strong leader with vision and fortitude.  Lucky for America, the media found just the right man for the job.  He may not have been able to tell his wife from his sister, but he had a much higher qualification: “empathy:”

“Empathy is the capacity to feel for someone else, to feel compassion for what they are experiencing. As our nation is riven by the twin viruses of Covid-19 and systemic racism, and the resulting economic fallout, people in need, or people in general, want to know that someone cares.”

Some people strongly believed that at the time of peril, “empathy” is just the right substitute for competency, strength, wisdom, and even an ability to do third-grade math. The American public had had it with mean tweets; it was craving unicorns and rainbows. And that’s where Joe Biden bumbled in:

Biden feels empathetic because that is who he is. He acts on empathy because he feels he must. And therein lies the leadership lesson.”

As opposed to Trump’s omnipresent public persona, Grandpa Joe would venture out of his beach house as rarely as he ventured out of his basement during the campaign.  Instead, he would be sitting by the fireplace telling you bedtime stories while sending you free government checks.  His face mask featuring a peace sign would make Covid surrender and hastily depart.

The public was fully onboard:

“Nearly every top Democrat says the same thing about former Vice President Joe Biden when they make their endorsement: He is a man defined by his decency and empathy.”

We don’t know how many voters truly believed that a man who could not hold a public event would be able to quash a global pandemic.  But even if he couldn’t – how bad could Joe screw up, really?  His job description was to stay alive, “listen to our stories” and “be human:”

“Our new President, alongside our Madam Vice President, won’t be able to repair everything that’s been broken, but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will not only see us, they will listen to our stories. They will bring back the dignity in simply being human.”

Turned out – an incompetent President can screw up your life a whole lot.  Half a year into his Presidency, Biden all but rendered 20 years of war on terror pointless.  By the year’s end, the booming economy was in shambles.  A few months later, the world’s worst tyrants were threatening nuclear war.  Talk about feeling “less safe.”

As Biden was getting more and more bewildered by reality, his “empathy” became harder to find than the baby formula.  The “empathetic” administration (also known as a convention of “marginalized” genders) laughed at your concerns and told you to get a Margarita and stop b$$ing.

While people’s retirement accounts were drying up and families were scrambling for supplies, the President threw lavish parties for his cronies who sipped cocktails to the sounds of James Taylor.  As long as Nancy Pelosi’s fridge remains well stocked, and Steven Spielberg’s security guards keep the thugs away from his mansion, Biden’s support will never dry up.

Joe’s “empathy” knows no bounds when it comes to “marginalized genders” and illegal immigrants.  To push his agenda down Americans’ throats, Joe is ready and willing to have poor kids go hungry.  His “reception and placement” program provides illegal immigrants with free hotels, food, and their every need covered from the moment they cross the open border.  American families are not part of that program – instead, they are picking up the tab as they pay triple the price for their Thanksgiving dinner.

Where has all the “empathy” gone?  The “listen to our stories” President is not at all interested in the stories of American families whose lives he destroyed.  Here he is, telling you that he is not very concerned about them.  His “empathy” is intended for other countries, who are suffering a lot more (for the only reason that they have always elected leaders as stupid as Joe Biden):

As the midterm election nears, your President’s concern remains not with the well-being of American families, but with his party’s re-election chances. Recently, he begged “a pariah nation” (his words) not to cut oil production for the short time it takes his party to prevail in the election.

Biden cares very little about how much you pay for gas. He only cares how much your hardships affect his political future. With the midterms looming, it’s not looking bright for Joe.

By Tatyana Larina

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Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart