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Tiffany Smiley here. I’m running for US Senate to help families across the country achieve their American Dream. My family’s American Dream was nearly shattered back in 2005 when my husband Scotty was severely wounded by a suicide bomber in Iraq. Since that day I’ve made it my mission to ensure he got the care he deserved. Today, we’re blessed to be living out the American Dream once again and to be fighting to help ALL Washington families achieve their dream.

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Tiffany Smiley’s Agenda for Recovery and Reform

Economic Recovery & Reform

How to Give Hope to Washington’s Workers, Job Creators and Middle-Class Families

From skyrocketing inflation to an oncoming recession, our economy is going in the wrong direction. Economic recovery means putting more in the pocketbooks of middle-class workers and families. Economic reform means enacting commonsense ideas that will take advantage of Washington’s strengths in the global competition for jobs and investment.

From aerospace to information technology, Washington is a leader of America’s 21st century economy. But growing up on a farm, Tiffany knows Washington’s economy is more than multi-national corporations. This agenda will ensure that hope is on the horizon for Washington’s workers, job creators and middle-class families, acknowledging our diverse and productive workforce. Read More

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Public Safety Recovery & Reform

How to Give Hope to Washington’s Communities & Crime Fighters

Crime is skyrocketing across Washington and families don’t feel safe in their own neighborhoods. Iconic businesses like Starbucks are closing stores because of unsafe conditions, leading to job and wage loss. Drugs are pouring into Washington and killing too many people. And we have to acknowledge that we have a fentanyl and opioid crisis because we have a border crisis.

Public safety recovery means supporting our law enforcement with the resources and training they need, rolling back radical efforts to “defund the police” that undercut the foundation of our lawful society. Public safety reform means doing everything we can to mitigate the root causes of crime, including the narcotics that come from our country’s southern border. This agenda will ensure that hope is on the horizon for Washington’s victims of crime, our police and those they protect and serve. Read More

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Education Recovery & Reform

How to Give Hope to Washington’s Children and their Parents

In so many ways, our schools do not meet the needs of our children and grandchildren. Despite the best efforts of so many of our teachers during the pandemic, distance and remote learning has shown all of us the holes in our education system. Many of our schools are focused on teaching divisive topics instead of the basics. And the careers of the future don’t match an education system that is stuck in the past. 

​Education recovery means getting back to the basics: reading, writing and math. Education reform means making sure parents have a say and a choice in their children’s education. This agenda will ensure that hope is on the horizon for Washington’s students and parents because our system must work to meet unique needs, talents and challenges of all individuals so they can have a bright future. Read More

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Political Recovery & Reform

How to Hold Politicians Accountable and Give Hope to Voters Who Have Lost Confidence In Government

Voters have lost trust in politicians and have lost confidence in government. And they have good reason to. Career politicians are always in it for themselves, government always throws up roadblocks to the people it serves, and party politics always gets in the way of what’s best for our country.

​Enough is enough. Recovering trust and confidence in government means reforming the way politicians behave and finding ways to hold them to account. This agenda ensures that hope is on the horizon for all voters who just want their representatives to be honest and find solutions to our problems. 

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Energy and Environmental Recovery and Reform

How to Give Hope to Washington’s Consumers and Farmers

Before 2021, America was energy independent. But we have lost our way since then. From canceling pipelines to restricting drilling permits, the result has been skyrocketing energy prices that are crushing hard-working Washington families and farmers.

Recovering our energy independence means restoring production of domestic oil and natural gas to create jobs and reduce gas prices. Reforming our energy policy means adopting an all-of-the-above approach to our nation’s energy needs of today while preparing for the future in an environmentally responsible way. It’s common sense. This agenda ensures that hope is on the horizon for consumers feeling pain at the pump and farmers who feel put at a competitive disadvantage. Read More

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Recovery & Reform For Our Most Vulnerable

How to Reduce Homelessness and Give Hope to Those Most At Risk

Homelessness is not something we can turn a blind eye to. But the status quo of blindly throwing money at the problem is not working. Too many career politicians think it’s taboo to suggest that homelessness is just about rising housing costs. We need to acknowledge that mental illness, drug addiction, domestic abuse, re-entry from recent incarceration and troubled childhoods are more determinative of homelessness than poverty by itself.

​Helping our most vulnerable recover demands solutions that lifts people up rather than tying them to yet another failed government program that spends billions of our tax dollars, with little actually reaching those in need. Reform of our approach to homelessness requires a coordinated and comprehensive effort to address the problem that has not been taken. This agenda ensures that hope is on the horizon for the homeless and those most at risk. Read More

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Visit the Tiffany Smiley For Senate Website

About Tiffany Smiley

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Washington Roots, Service To Her Community

Growing up on a farm in rural Washington, Tiffany Smiley’s life was like that of so many other children – happily heading to school each day, playing sports with her friends, and dreaming of one day becoming a nurse so she could help families in her community.  When she married her high school sweetheart, Scotty Smiley, and achieved her goal of becoming a triage nurse, Tiffany thought she had realized her piece of the American Dream. 

When A Call Shatters Your Dreams

In April of 2005, Tiffany’s dreams changed in an instant. The phone rang, and moments later Tiffany knew that their lives had irrevocably changed forever. Tiffany learned Scotty, while serving America in Iraq, had been severely wounded by a suicide bomber, causing him to fall into a coma and permanently lose sight in both of his eyes. Upon hearing the news, Tiffany immediately booked a flight for Walter Reed Medical Center near Washington, D.C, to be by Scotty’s side. When Tiffany arrived, Scotty was still in trauma care, and she was informed that Scotty would never be able to serve his nation again in uniform. Tiffany was even asked to sign a document, right there on the spot, consenting to Scotty’s immediate discharge from the Army.

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Fighting For Her Family

The U.S. Military learned about Tiffany’s strength, courage, and resolve that day when she promptly refused. Rather than simply going along with Army protocols and the federal bureaucrats who were insisting she immediately sign the paperwork, Tiffany fought for her husband, his dreams, and for the care she knew he had earned. Tiffany pushed aside her professional dreams to focus on nursing her husband back to health, and fighting to ensure that Scotty’s recovery would not be compromised by inefficient government bureaucracy. She was determined that he would never become just another number in the unreliable VA system. To this day, Tiffany and Scotty have made fighting to ensure every veteran gets the benefits and care they deserve

Taking On The Federal Government . . . AND WINNING

The farm girl from rural Washington took on the federal government… and won. Tiffany not only made sure Scotty received the care he needed, but her relentless efforts allowed Scotty to demonstrate that his remarkable abilities greatly outweighed any disability he sustained. Scotty went on to serve as America’s first blind active-duty Army officer, breaking barriers for many who followed along the way. Scotty would also earn his MBA from Duke University and was described by Duke’s Legendary basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski as an American hero.

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It’s About Helping Others

Today, Tiffany and Scotty are the proud parents of three young boys. Her passion for helping others continues unabated today, illustrated by her unwavering commitment to empowering people who face adversity and fighting for critical reforms that help America’s veterans. Tiffany uses her life’s trials and victories to inspire many like her, including those who have felt held down, held back, or pushed around by elected officials and government bureaucrats. Tiffany and Scotty travel across the country sharing their remarkable story to help others discover and harness their power to confront and overcome life’s unexpected challenges. Tiffany also works with women in business, helping them shatter barriers, and encouraging them to never let life’s challenges stop them from realizing their dreams and their full potential. Now, Tiffany Smiley is running for the United States Senate to take that same fight and optimistic spirit to help Washington families achieve their American Dreams. Tiffany believes that now, more than ever, Washingtonians need a voice to find solutions to their unique problems and end the partisan gridlock in Congress.

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