Today’s Must Watch: Will Poland Be The Next Proxy?

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Gonzalo Lira is a Chilean-American independent journalist, filmmaker, blogger, who has been reporting from inside Ukraine since the war began. He offers some of his insights on where he thinks the players in this conflict may be heading.

Not good at all if his point of view comes to fruition.

So, a couple days ago Douglas McGregor highlighted the fact, in an article posted on The American Conservative, that the Poles are putting together a 200,000 man army. You know, this is extremely interesting. This announcement was actually made at the end of November and not many body gave it much attention at the time, and actually we should have. And I am thankful for Colonel Macgregor for bringing it up. A couple of other people in the alt commentary community have also picked it up all of a sudden, because of Doug Macgregor, because it actually is a really important moment. Because you see, the war here in Ukraine, I mean everybody knows how it’s going, it’s going horribly for the Zelensky regime. They’re going to lose. And see they want NATO to come in. They want NATO gear. They think that magical gear will fix all the problems, when of course it won’t. What is necessary are boots on the ground. And right now the Zelensky regime by their own admission, they only have two hundred thousand combat troops. The Russians, they have amassed around Ukraine, both in Belarus and in eastern Ukraine just here in ? and ? and in the South, they’ve put together an army that two weeks ago was at 540,000. Probably by this time its 600,000 at least. So, you know, its a 3 to 1 ratio and, on top of that, the way this attrition warfare has been going on, you know, the Zelensky regime sends on shell, the Russians and back 6. One Zelensky regime force member dies, or 10 rather of the Zelensky regime dies and only one Russian dies. I mean, it’s thar lopsided. So the fact that they are down to two hundred thousand men and the Russians have put together an army of at least 600,000, and it’s probably going to keep on growing until they get ready for their big winter offensive. Well, you know, the outcome is clear. And so the neocons, of course, want to continue this war one way or the other. On the other hand the Poles, the Polish leadership, they have these bizarre notions that they can somehow resurrect The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. I mean, there has been times when Poland has been a great empire in Central Europe, but not today.

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