UN-Developed Sex Education Curriculum Sexualizes Children, Advocates Warn

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sex education curriculum that promotes transgender ideology, homosexuality, and sexual disinhibition among children is being taught in American classrooms, two pro-family advocates warned in an interview with NTD’s “The Nation Speaks.”

Sharon Slater, co-founder and president of advocacy group Family Watch International, told host Cindy Drukier about “harmful elements” in the United Nations-developed, U.S. government-sponsored Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), including its graphic, pleasure-focused approach toward teaching children about sexual behavior.

“The publication, ‘It’s Perfectly Normal,’ which is in many libraries and school libraries across the United States. It’s very graphic with depictions of children engaging in masturbation and various sexual acts,” said Slater, noting that while it is blurred out to the audience, children who read the CSE material will see “different couples—heterosexuals and homosexuals—engaging in sex.”

“And there’s been a million copies in print, and this is for age 10,” she continued, adding that it teaches children ages 12 through 14 to “share their sexual feelings” through activities including oral and anal sex, masturbation, or touching each other’s genitals while saying “I like you.”

The CSE curriculum, according to Slater, also encourages children to label themselves with sexual identities and needs, for example, a “polyamorous queer teen who needs to know how to have safe sex and relationships with multiple partners.”

“We’re seeing it in almost all the schools, you’re not safe if you’re in a Christian school or a private school, because this is federally funded,” she said. “And now under President [Joe] Biden, they’ve even increased the amount to $130 million that are pouring into the states to get these programs to the children everywhere.”

Slater was joined by Dr. Quentin Van Meter, a veteran pediatric endocrinologist and president of the conservative medical group American College of Pediatricians. He said that medically or surgically assisted transgenderism among young children becomes so popular that it is now a “social contagion phenomenon.”

When asked whether kids at age 13 and 14—who can legally undergo sex-change operations in certain states—actually understand the long-term impacts of the transition, Van Meter replied that they can’t.

“It’s trying to get the child to understand fertility or the fact that they will be sterile. They are sterilizing children by these processes,” he said. “There aren’t countries in the world that are called decent or moral will routinely allow children to be sterilized, and yet this is what’s happening here in this country. The child can’t even understand what that means.”

When it comes to the pro-CSE claim that youth are engaging in sexual activity anyway and that sex education is needed to avoid pregnancy and spread of STDs, Slater said recent research has shown poor outcomes from this type of education.

“There’s a major study (pdf here and below) that was published in a peer-reviewed journal, which looked at 120 of the best studies out there on sex education,” she said. According to the 2019 review by Utah-based research group Institute for Research and Evaluation, 87 percent of the school-based CSE programs worldwide failed to produce desired results, such as delay of sexual initiation, increased condom use, or decreased pregnancy or STDs rates.

Contrary to the common claim, Slater added, American teenagers are having less sex, not more, over the past decade. Those who have had sex, however, experience more problems in their life than those who haven’t.

“The studies done by the CDC show that those that have had sexual contact are going to have more suicide, they’re going to have more depression, more problems in school, and all sorts of things,” she said. “So really, we are obligated to teach children to avoid sexual risky behavior, to avoid sex until marriage.”


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