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Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf

The design of the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf is the result of collaboration with Ocean & Earth and 2 x World Surfing Champion Tom Carroll. This is a playlist of videos about the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf. Learn more about the device, its key features and how to stay safe while surfing.

How the FREEDOM+ Surf Works

The transferable power module with LED indication for power on/off and battery life, is housed in the custom designed Ocean & Earth tail pad kicker, enabling you to move the power module easily between your boards and for recharging. The all important antenna electrodes have been designed into a sticker thin adhesive decal applied to the underside of the surfboard. With a near zero drag adhesive decal antenna (only 500 microns thin), there is no impact on your surfing performance

eSPEAR Handheld Electrical Shark Deterrent

Patent pending and powered by Shark Shield Technology the Ocean Guardian eSPEAR is the world’s first handheld electrical shark deterrent. Small, lightweight and easy to carry; it’s perfect for diving, snorkeling and spearfishing.

Shark Shield Technology is the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent technology. The eSPEAR expands Ocean Guardian’s personal protection product range beyond surfers and divers by providing an affordable, handheld device for the everyday ocean user.

About Ocean Guardian

Ocean Guardian is the world’s leading shark deterrent technology company and since 2001 the company’s patented Shark Shield Technology has protected tens of thousands of ocean lovers. Whether you’re swimming off your boat with family and friends, out seeking to land your next big fish or simply heading off to enjoy a dive, snorkel or surf – our technology is here to enhance your ocean experience whilst providing peace of mind.

Shark Shield Technology is so effective; in Western Australia, the State Government has a $200 rebate available for the purchase of our FREEDOM+ Surf and FREEDOM7 – applied at the point of sale when you buy in-store.

More about Shark Shield Technology

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