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2019 marks the fiftieth year of John MacArthur’s pulpit ministry. Grace to You’s celebration of this momentous anniversary extended throughout the year, culminating in October with a Truth Matters conference. With The Sufficiency of Scripture as its theme, the conference focused on some of the doctrinal distinctives that have guided and shaped John MacArthur’s Bible teaching.

“But to me, life is all about the truth. The truth is the most important thing that exists. It’s the most important reality in the universe. By the truth we are saved from hell. By the truth we are sanctified for the purposes of God. By the truth we are given strength, we are edified, we are comforted, we are encouraged. It all comes out of divine truth, living truth: the person of Christ who dwells within us, and written truth, the Word of God, and they are perfectly in harmony.” ~ John MacArthur

For details about sermons and for related resources on the links below:

Telling the Truth in a Post-Truth World (John MacArthur)

Scripture vs. Human Experience (Phil Johnson)

Hearing from Heaven: How to Know the Voice of God (Justin Peters)

Session 4: The Pain and Peril of Pragmatism (Voddie Baucham)

Session 5: The Work of His Hands (Jeff Williams)

Session 6: The Blessed Work of the Sufficient Word (John MacArthur)

Session 7: Scripture’s Sufficiency for Evangelism (Mike Riccardi)

Session 8: Another Look at the Charismatic Movement: Strange Fire Six Years Later (Phil Johnson)

Session 9: Irreconcilable Views of Reconciliation (Voddie Baucham)

Session 10: Scripture’s Sufficiency for Sanctification (Mike Riccardi)

Session 11: God’s Demand for Discernment (John MacArthur)

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