Worshipping the Lord On High

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“Worshipping our King Jesus 30,000 feet in the air” writes Pastor Jack Jensz, Jr. of Kingdom Realm Ministries, on Facebook when sharing a video of a worship song being sung on an airplane. Ilhan Omar made a derogatory comment on the video on Twitter and the video became very controversial. This video shares both Pastor Jack’s original video on the airplane and his loving response to those attacking the video.

“I think my family and I should have a prayer session next time I am on a plane,” Omar, who is Muslim, wrote with the video. “How do you think it will end?”

Pastor Jensz then explained his video further on his Facebook page and he did so with love.

“The Truth about the “Christians worship on the plane video”: We were on a flight with our team coming back from helping the Ukrainian Refugees at the Ukrainian border. Over the last month we have been giving humanitarian aid, food and praying with the beautiful people of Ukraine. We were filled with thanksgiving of what God did in our time there. Our heart was to bring joy and hope as there is so much pain with what’s going on in this world. We went up to the air host and shared with her what we were doing in Ukraine and asked if it’s ok if we sing 1 song to bring hope and joy to this flight. There were many Ukrainians on this flight. She was happy and said this would be great! She then asked the pilot, the pilot and all the air hosts were 100% in agreement (If they said no, We would of honored that!). They even made an announcement to all passengers letting them know who we are and what we did in Ukraine and introduced us and allowed us to get the guitar out! People then clapped and welcomed us. We then got up and sang the song “How great is our God”. We were up for 3-4 minutes. People were filming and smiling. People were truly touched by what we were singing. Once we were done everyone clapped and thanked us and we sat back down. The Air host came over and thanked us and we received many thank you’s as people got off the plane. We are so thankful for the full permission we received to bring joy to this flight with a song!”

Jack Jensz, Jr. on Facebook

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