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Faith – Family – Freedom

We the People deserve stronger representation in the Texas Senate and that’s why I am running for Texas Senate in District 11 and am humbly asking for your vote.

I will NEVER allow the government to take God out of the public square, go after our Faith, churches, pastors, ministers, priests, clergy, or kill our babies. 

I will NEVER allow the government to go after our Families by shutting down our businesses, keep us from going to work in order to  provide for our Families, nor issue government mandates that hinder our Family livelihoods.

I will NEVER allow the government to attack or take our God given Freedoms away.  

Elect ME to protect Your Faith, Family, and Freedom!

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Secure the Texas Border

Bianca Gracia is a strong supporter of securing the border, finishing the wall, and an advocate for legal immigration. We have to reform and strengthen our immigration policies to ensure that those who strive for greatness achieve the opportunity to succeed here in America. Illegal immigration hurts our society and affects immigrants who are outstanding citizens and have worked hard to provide for their families. She will be strong on finishing the wall and will be tough on illegal immigration. 

Election Integrity

 Bianca believes that Texans should have confidence in their voting system. The 2020 election is a living testament to the importance of securing our elections to where it is harder to cheat but easier to vote. She is a believer in audits as she currently has a case in the Supreme Court of the United States regarding election integrity and civil rights. We have to ensure voters that their votes are guaranteed as we must require a photo ID, verification of citizenship, and accurate voter information. Honest and fair elections are what make this constitutional republic thrive, and we are committed to securing our elections no matter who wins.

Medical Freedom

Bianca believes that the government should never mandate health decisions nor that anyone should lose their jobs for their medical freedom choices. Medical decisions should be made between an individual and their Doctor.  The government should never close businesses, pass mask mandates, or control people’s individual freedoms.

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About Bianca Gracia

Political Experience:

Latinos for Trump Organization – Current President 9/2016 to Present 

Operate day to day operations for the organization

Built and maintain website

Maintain Communications through social media, website, and email

Conduct Media Interviews across the State, Country, and Global

Communicated with White House for talking points

Participated in Monthly White House briefings

Organized White House visits and meetings with the Public Liaison office for Hispanic Pastors

Organize Rally’s and March’s in the country to support America First agenda and freedom of speech

Conduct Voter Registration Drives at Rally’s and March’s

Organize block walk efforts and grassroots movements

Work Daily on membership

Organized and hosted 2019 Conference that trained and elevated minorities for delegate, candidate, and leadership positions for 2020.

Trained and elected 12 LFT Statewide National Delegates for 2020 Convention

Organized 3 RV tours across Texas targeting 45 towns and cities predominately populated by Hispanics 

Organized Voter Registration Drives in collaboration with Voter Deputy Registrars

Originated and organized the Trump Trains in Rio Grande Valley with South Texas Directors in May 2020

Conducted many Hispanic Roundtables with Stakeholders and Leaders of the Community in Rio Grande Valley

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Blexit Texas – State Director & Advisor 2/2019 – 2/2021

Built and Managed Blexit Texas Chapter

Organized Local Events and Initiatives

Served as a National Advisor and Texas Advisor

Latinos for America First – Executive Director 9/2018 to 12/2021

Fundraise to support federal candidates who support America First agenda

Faith and Freedom Coalition, Texas State Director 8/2-2018 – 12/2018

Recruited, Hired, Trained, and Managed 5 Regional Leaders and 55 Canvassers

Created Block walk books weekly on Advantage

Worked with Regional Evangelical Pastors in building voting block coalitions

Instructed Pastors and GOP chairs to place voter guides within every region in Texas

Provided Team Building and Educational voting programs

Republican Party of Texas, Hispanic Engagement Director, 12/3/2016 – 03/15/2018

Managed the State of Texas Hispanic Outreach Initiatives

Implemented a Hispanic Engagement Committee 

Created and Implemented the Listening Tour in Texas

Built State Wide Hispanic Coalitions 

Built Media campaigns to target Hispanics

Managed relations with Hispanic/Minority leaders across the State of Texas

Conducted Pastoral Trainings

Conducted Media Trainings to help with messaging via social media

Traveled 26,391 miles conducting 5 Listening Tours, 8 Roundtables, 1 Rally in the Valley, 13 Delegate

Trainings, 20+ Party Organization & Media Training, 15 Pastoral Trainings from the Pulpit

50+ Speaking Engagements, 300+ One on One’s, Hosted Trump Flag Waving Events &

March’s in Austin TX, 8 White House visits, plus Republican events, meetings and galas.

Identified & Recruited 381 Volunteers, 512 Coalition Members, 92 Stakeholders, 147 Organizations in TX

Spent 118,110 talking minutes creating relationships with identified coalitions

Built relationships with Hispanic Evangelicals 2300 Pastoral Leaders with outreach to 21,000 congregations

with 100-750 congregation members

Recruited 30+ precinct chairs, 3 Governor Appointments, recruited and trained 1000+ State delegates

Recruited Hispanic candidates for local and congressional candidacy

Created Engagement Committees at Harris, Bexar, Dallas, and Austin County  

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Homemaker and Homeschooling Mom 7/2006- Present

Manage curriculum, counsel, and teach both children


Mountain State University-Beckley, West Virgina 

Studied Master of Science in Strategic Leadership 

University of Houston – Houston TX

Studied Master of Political Science 

St. Mary’s University – San Antonio, TX

Bachelor of Arts Public Justice 1995

Graduated: Magna Cum Laude


President of Latinos for Trump National Organization

Bundler for Trump Victory Finance Committee 2020

1st Place National Delegate for 2020

Texas State Delegate 2018 and 2020 SD 11 CD36

Organized Voter Registration Drives and Educational Trainings with Leaderes de la Comunidad

Co-Founder Latino Trump Coalition USA with over 100K members

Host of “La Conservadora Tejana” 1440 Keyes Contributor on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom

Previously Hosted Tu Voz America on Your Voice America w Ann Vandersteel

Host on Veterans Network Houston TX 

2017 Recipient of the Patriot Award by SJRW – Texas Federation Republican Women

Chaplain of Bay Area Republican Women

1st Vice-President of San Jacinto Republican Women – Federated by – Texas Federation Republican Women and National Federation of Republican Women 

Managed Jeff Wagner for Mayor Campaign 9/2015 to 6/2016 – Elected May 2017

Created and Implemented The Listening Tour in Texas to target Hispanics Conservatives

Created and Implemented a Faith Based Coalition of Hispanic Evangelicals with outreach of 1.3 to 2 million voters

Recognized at the White House and received a Proclamation on Hispanic Heritage Month

Former Board of Director Christians Engaged

Mountains in Motion Ministry Board of Directors 5+ years

HOA Board of Directors Vice-President and Ex-President 15 years of service 

Precinct Chair 0352 Harris County and Presiding Judge for elections 2016-2021

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Public Sector Experience:

Former School Teacher

Federal Court System Officer

Harris County Court System Officer

City of Houston Mayor’s Office

Washington DC Court System Internship

Private Sector Experience:

Corporate Security, Fraud Prevention, and Customer Service Manager – Major Airline Company

Loan Officer  – Mortgage Industry

Wedding Coordinator Small Business Owner

Boutique Small Business Owner

Community Organizer:

PTO President and Board Member 10 Years

President and Director HOA Board 15 + years

Soccer League Coach, Team Mom, and Board of Directors

Baseball Team Mom

Select Ball Team Mom

Cub Scout Mom

Little League Football Team Mom

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