Biden Is Using Scranton As A Prop

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Teddy Daniels, a blue-collar truck driver and Afghanistan War vet, is running for Congress in Pennsylvania. He talks to Steve Bannon about the pathetic attempt of multi-millionaire lobbyist Joe Biden to pretend he speaks for the common man from Scranton, PA.

“This was a traveling clown show. Let’s call it what it is… I’m surprised this guy even knew he was in Scranton. They probably promised him a soft-serve chocolate ice cream. And to call himself working class, and to try and get the approval of the working class people? The man has been in politics for 50 years. How is that working class? He has built personal wealth into the millions and millions of dollars. How does he get off calling himself Working Class Joe from Scranton. The man left Scranton when he was 8 years old. Every single story you hear him tell about Scranton, it’s BS, it’s all lies.”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart