Jussie Smollett Part Two: Kari Lake blasts Katie Hobbs for blaming office break-in on Lake campaign

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  • Lake accused her Democratic opponent Hobbs of a ‘Jussie Smollett part two’ 
  • Claimed Hobbs lied about a break-in to ‘deflect’ from her failing campaign 
  • Hobbs’ team claims her campaign office in Phoenix was broken into and burglarized, though they did not said what was taken
  • While no suspect has been identified, surveillance images of a man in a green shirt and grey shorts is seen walking around the office
  • Democrats were quick to blame the alleged break-in and burglary on Lake ‘spreading lies and hate and inciting violence’
  • Actor Jussie Smollett infamously staged a hate crime against himself in 2019

Kari Lake has blasted her Democratic opponent for suggesting she was behind a break-in at her Phoenix campaign headquarters – and compared the accusation to the Jussie Smollett scandal. 

Lake, who completely flipped the polls this week by pulling ahead of Hobbs by more than 10 percent with just days until the midterm elections, told CNN that the Democrat‘s team faked the break-in to ‘deflect’ from her failing campaign.

‘This sounds like a Jussie Smollett part two,’ Lake said in reference to the actor who was infamously convicted of filing a false police report alleging a hate crime was committed against him.

She also claimed in a tweet that Hobbs is ‘accusing my team of coordinating a Watergate style break-in of her office,’ while slamming her for refusing to talk about crime.

‘This comes AFTER arrest was made and NO political motivation confirmed,’ Lake posted.

Hobbs’ campaign said Wednesday that the candidate’s Phoenix office was broken into and investigators are looking into the alleged burglary. The Democrat’s team immediately blamed Lake’s rhetoric for stoking the break-in.

It is not clear what was taken, but police responded at 2:00 p.m. Tuesday and Sgt. Brian Bower said items were taken from the property ‘sometime during the night.’

No suspects have been identified yet, but Hobbs’ campaign confirmed one person was caught on security camera walking up to the office door. Images were released of surveillance still that shows what appears to be a young man donning a green shirt, gray shorts, white shoes and black backpack walking through the office.

Phoenix Police confirmed that an arrest was made in connection to the break-in, but no further information like a motive was shared. 

Democrats were quick, however, to point the finger at Lake.

By Katelyn Caralle

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