RINO’s Will Claim Virginia is Their Victory

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Eric Greitens, former governor of Missouri and GOP Senate candidate in 2022, talks to Steve Bannon about the big victory for Glenn Youngkin in Virginia.

“Who won this election? It was the MAGA base. Who won this election? It was Trump voters. Who won this election? It was people who are standing up for common sense and the America First agenda. Because your listeners, because the War Room posse stayed engaged, we didn’t quit, we kept fighting. And one of the things we have to do right now is we have to recognize that the left is gonna continue to try their nuttiness, but the other thing that’s gonna happen … you know what’s gonna happen… The RINOs are gonna come in and the RINOs are gonna claim this was their victory. They are gonna come in and pretend that somehow it was the RINOs who got it over the edge [and] you don’t need Trump.”

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