Desi Cuellar Explains Why He Can Beat AOC

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not the force of nature that the media would have you believe, and her star power is a myth when you look at her actual numbers. Since her freshman year in Congress, AOC has introduced twenty-one bills and none of them have passed. According to the Center for Effective Lawmaking she is ranked dead last as the least effective member of Congress in the State of New York. Some of her proposed amendments have been so polarizing that even her fellow Democrats have jumped ship and voted against her. All talk, zero action, and no support, even from Democrats.

In her 2018 surprise victory, AOC won the primary by beating Rep. Joe Crowley with barely 3% of the votes from total registered Democrats in her district. In 2020, she only won her re-election by getting less than 19% of registered voters in her district to pick her on the ballot. In a district where Hispanics make up 51% of residents, her inability to inspire high voter turnout on election day may be one of the DNC’s best kept secrets.

Her beliefs are the antithesis of the values held by many residents of her district:

-AOC is against the nuclear family
-Her idea of community safety is abolishing cash bail -Eliminating all funding for police
-Eradicating the existence of prisons

We are now faced with a political crisis, where a sitting member of Congress can’t pass a single bill in the House but whose viral tweets and videos help to motivate and justify the lawlessness that is still spreading throughout the country. With her refusal to condemn the acts of violence by her supporters and those of her fellow Squad members, our nation is dangerously close to collapse. That is why I had no choice but to step up and join the fight to save America.

There are a few reasons why the district has been blue since 1988, and why AOC is still in office. There has never been a no-bullshit Hispanic conservative candidate that has wanted to champion his community by dragging Democrats into a political dogfight. No candidate has been from the same culture and shared the same values as many of the residents in Queens and the Bronx. There has never been an America-First Latino candidate who was born and raised to challenge socialism and communism for what it has cost his family. Until now.

I’m a very different kind of candidate. I loved my country enough to enlist in the military and I took it to heart when I swore an oath to protect the constitution of the United States of America. I didn’t take an oath to protect the interests of elected officials. Furthermore, I do not believe that the oath I swore could ever be relinquished.

I was born in Queens, New York, and raised in a traditional Cuban household by a strong single mother and my grandparents. We rented a basement apartment in Bayside, Queens and despite being hard workers, we struggled financially. My mother worked multiple jobs to support us. It was her work ethic and my grandmother’s unconditional support that has made it my priority to fight for every working American trying to provide for their family.

I went to four different high schools, including one in Hong Kong. Where I witnessed a post- British economy prosper in Hong Kong, contrasted by the neighboring Mainland China who suffered under restrictive Communist economic policies that has choked its citizens for generations. I see the same restrictions are being championed and implemented into our government with no plans from elected officials to stop it. It was in Hong Kong where I saw an early preview of where America is headed, and I’m running for office to stop us from becoming a government-dependent nation.

New Yorkers have been sold lies by Democratic for years. Lies that our elected officials care about our well-being and that it’s a good thing to give the government more control over our lives in the name of security. Lies that these elected officials only want to use these increases in power to right the wrongs of society, to make things “fair” for the millions of “victims” of “institutionalized oppression.” They swear they’ll make our lives safer so long as we hand over our God-given rights and freedoms. But the only thing that these Democrats in office have done for us is made our neighborhoods more dangerous, undermined five decades worth of progress in civil rights, used our education system as a platform for leftist indoctrination, and thrown national security in the trash by focusing our military’s attention on Critical Race Theory and being “woke” instead of destroying enemies.

They’ve made a mockery of the presidency, stopped our ability to be oil independent, brought our economy to a standstill while destroying our ability to provide for our families during a pandemic, and sent billions of our tax dollars to foreign countries when our country needed that money the most.

The Post-AOC New York I want to live in looks like this:

1. On Day One: we will declare to the Nation that socialism is dead and it will never have a place in our country. Unseating AOC will send a clear message to the millions of Americans choked by devastating Democrat policies, that this is still a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

2. As your elected official, I will introduce a counter to the Green New Deal called the American Promise. It will focus on prosperity for Americans through America First policies and provide practical strategies that address the fourth industrial revolution. I will work with patriots to strengthen our homegrown industries and provide lasting opportunities to the American working class. The American Promise will help us return to a free market-economy and move us away from this government-controlled command economy that exists now.

3. As your elected official, I will invite businesses back to the district. I will personally reach out to US companies, including ones AOC has chased away, and I will let them know that Queens and the Bronx are open for business. I will not chase away job opportunities for hard working New Yorkers.

God, family, and the prosperity of working-class New Yorkers are my priorities. We have a lot of work ahead of us. And when I unseat the worst member of Congress in New York, you have my promise that I will do everything in my power to make New York and this country a safer and more prosperous place to live. I am Desi Cuellar, and I am looking forward to representing you in Congress.

Desi Cuellar is a candidate for Congress in New York’s 14th Congressional District.

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