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The Chinese surveillance balloon drifting east toward the Atlantic Ocean has been shot down by the U.S. military and is now falling into the sea, video shows.
Montana officials issued statement that reports of “massive explosion” in sky near Chinese spy balloon are inaccurate after viral video on social media.
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CCP has for decades waged a quiet war against the U.S., mobilizing all elements of its society, and targeting all institutions and foundations of American system.
News the Pentagon is tracking a CCP spy balloon over the U.S. is raising concerns about extent of China’s espionage efforts against America and its citizens.
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) promotes inaccurate propaganda to serve the sole purpose of furthering its own agenda, never to inform the public.
Zooming In with Simone Gao

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Zooming In is a weekly in-depth/investigative report program hosted by the award-winning journalist Simone Gao. Described as a “Chinese 60 minutes,” Zooming In focuses on US-China relations, American tradition and values, and critical questions that America faces today. It...
"China in Focus" is a Youtube channel created by NTD to provide viewers with fast, compelling, first-hand news from China. About NTD NTD is a New York-based global news and entertainment media company founded in 2001. We believe the integrity...
This video playlist, American Though Leaders - The Communist China Threat, is brought to you by The Epoch Times, one of journalism's top investigative newspapers within and outside of China. American Thought Leaders is hosted by Jan Jekielek. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKDm1nJ92oev6PIXA1hDzX5go8UWDt_Op How China’s...
Xi Jinping’s China is displaying a superpower’s ambition and signs that China is gearing up to contest America’s global leadership are unmistakable and ubiquitous.
Great fear of the CCP, that it will suffer the fate of the Soviet Union, was on full display with the abrupt decision to abandon the country’s COVID-zero policy.
Chinese Vice Premier Liu He’s address at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, was striking for its dishonesty and prevarication. It recalls novelist and political activist Mary McCarthy’s dismissal of fellow writer Lillian Hellman, when she said: “Everything she writes is...
Wang Liqiang, who publicly defected from Beijing on Australian national television, has been denied asylum 'setting a very bad precedent,' says commentator.
China is primary source of chemicals processed and manufactured into synthetic opioids by Mexican drug cartels and brought into U.S. overdosing young Americans.