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Harmeet Dhillon joined the RNC after serving as an election lawyer. She's been ringing the alarm that the RNC should lead the fight to restore election integrity.
Tech billionaire Bill Gates says the United States and Australia should adopt a more conciliatory approach to working with China on issues such as climate change.
The risk – benefit ratio for COVID vaccines does not justify mass vaccinations, but Sam Harris maintains that anyone who defied mandates is a terrible person.
Presumption is that if you are not wearing your mask, you might be a dangerous political dissident or maybe even a dreaded anti-vaxxer, even a Trump supporter!
The appearance of many American's is appalling for the simple reason that they no longer take pride in how they dress. They embrace a “norm” that is unappealing and unbecoming.
On January 5th, Matt Gaetz stood up in a divided House, in the midst of an election for speaker, and cast his vote for none other, than President Donald Trump.
On the Sidewalks of New York is a weekly feature at Human Events wherein Jacqueline Toboroff, a native New Yorker, will share her observations and candid commentary on the goings-on in our nation’s largest city. Wherever you live, and...

Patriots, Stand Up

There are countless patriots in America, silent and waiting. We can’t sit on the sidelines. With God’s help, let's make 2023 a red, white, and blue year.
Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) spoke at Turning Point USA's Americafest 2022 detailing how America can be saved if it’s citizens live out the true meaning of freedom.
It is time for the Right to unite and back Kevin McCarthy's speakership, while holding him accountable to his promised agenda of aggressive conservative action.
Jack Brewer testified at Congressional hearing on school shootings. The Jack Brewer Foundation helps the world combat extreme poverty and human rights challenges.
Actor and comedian Tim Allen has defended the portrayal of Christmas as a fundamentally religious holiday in his new Disney+ series “The Santa Clauses”.

A Woke World

The United States of woke is frightening me. Conceptualize such a world where anyone can “identify as whoever they want and society will recognize them as such.
Juan Williams published assessment of midterms. Republicans deserve a prize for winning, Democrats deserve a trophy for their stunningly successful loss.