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Campaigns on TheThinkingConservative.com includes news and information about current and future elections campaigns in the United States.

Pro-Trump Republican, Vernon Jones is running for Congress on a Georgia First platform, committed to what's in the best interest of Georgians.
David Perdue Is A Fighter And A Champion For Hard-Working Georgians. https://youtu.be/4iXZOWTvGiw Visit the VotePerdue.com Website On The Issues Secure Our Elections Georgians deserve assurance that only legal votes will be counted, and that any illegal votes will not be counted. It’s just that simple....
Polls showed PA GOP U.S. Senate primary was too close to call. Results from primary election day demonstrate that projection was accurate.
The polls opened on May 17 for the closely-watched primary elections for the U.S. Senate and the governor’s seat in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) is term-limited, and Sen. Pat Toomey (R) is retiring. Voters in the Keystone State will determine who...
Carla Sands will put Pennsylvanians first and fight to grow job opportunities and to protect your constitutionally protected rights.
Craig Huey's non-partisan 2022 California Voter Guide will help cut through rhetoric, election propaganda, and biased campaign media coverage.
Trump endorsed 5 incumbent House lawmakers and 2 state legislators all who tackled serious problems posed by the communist regime in China.
Doug Mastriano, the state senator from Pennsylvania who gave Rudy Giuliani a platform to make the case of voter fraud in the 2020 election, is now terrifying the RINOs of Pennsylvania. Mastriano is 10-12 points ahead in the GOP...
Pennsylvania Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-Pa.) got a boost in the state’s gubernatorial race when Former President Donald Trump endorsed him.
Retired Army Colonel and businessman Doug Mastriano is running for Governor of Pennsylvania to restore the freedoms of all Pennsylvanians.
John Gordon is running for Attorney General to protect Georgians against election fraud, crime, illegal immigration, and the influx of drugs.
Twitter firestorm directed at Kathy Barnette suggests campaigns of Oz and McCormick are in panic over U.S. Army veteran’s surge in polls.
“I’m running for U.S. Senate to carry the conservative values that I’ve learned on the field, in service to my country, and in helping others, to Washington on behalf of all Arkansans.” Visit Jake Bequette For Senate Website The Issues 2nd Amendment Jake...
Pennsylvania First. America First. Family is the Nucleus of Our Society. Everything we do as legislators should be done from the perspective of how will it strengthen the family. If it doesn’t first strengthen the American family, then why would we...