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George Washington and the signing of the Constitution

The Miracle of 1787

In 1787, the U.S. was not united due to the form of government under the Articles of Confederation, so state delegates met in Philadelphia to amend the Articles.
14th Amendment gives federal government the authority to ensure states respect and protect individual rights recognized by Declaration of Independence.
Charles Eisenstein argues that governments around the world were able to exploit the need to fit in and feel safe during the pandemic.
You may not want to think about the word government, as it conjures up only negative pictures such as—Taxes? Politicians? Washington, D.C.?
Rather than seeking to answer “What is a man?” let’s substitute this inquiry: “What is manhood? What does it mean to be a man?”
Go back to the 1940s and we'd find a different world, but there are even more significant differences we as Americans need to be aware of.
Truth about U.S. history and its people is questioned today, and white Americans are being told they are oppressors and all others, victims.
Supreme Court ends EPA’s right to impose climate change regulations without congressional authorization, applying Major Questions Doctrine.
Mike Davis of the Article III Project talks about some of the key battles in constitutional law that will benefit conservatives.
The economic crisis is the most pressing problem in America, but the rot goes much deeper as we undergo a philosophical and spiritual crisis.
Gov. Kristi Noem says her adherence to the American Founding Fathers’ vision has been a thread running through her life and role as governor.
Elliot Rodger,22, implemented a mass killing plan of attack targeting Rodger’s apartment, a UC Santa Barbara sorority, and nearby deli.
Two-hundred and forty-six years ago, the United States of America was born. Every Independence Day we celebrate because, being Americans, we have something worth celebrating. As we gather with friends and family to cheer fireworks, many of us will...
Despite the establishment media’s fact-free description of the current Supreme Court as “conservative,” it isn’t. But it's no longer liberal.