Thousands of federal workers applied for and received COVID-19-related unemployment benefits and continued getting their regular paychecks during COVID-19 pandemic.
Authorities released police body camera footage showing the attack of Paul Pelosi in his home by alleged assailant David DePape who is seen holding a hammer.
In this post, we wanted to drill down a bit more and highlight what is going on in a few “Blue (Democrat-controlled),” “Woke,” and “Big” cities across America.
Convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell told Britain’s Talk TV in jailhouse interview that she believes her former associate Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.
Fox News meteorologist Adam Klotz said on Jan. 22 that he had been badly beaten by teenagers on a subway train in New York while making his way home from a bar.
Based on misunderstanding of FBI data, NewsNation reported 14,677 murders occurred during 2021, but records from death certificates show 24,493 people murdered in 2021.
After the horrific attack on Paul Pelosi, many Democrats sounded off and accused “far right-wing” leaning people of inciting political violence in America.
Shooting was reported outside gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin’s (R-N.Y.) home in New York, he confirmed, adding that his family members were not harmed.
President Joe Biden on Oct. 6 announced he has chosen to pardon every person who was convicted of possessing marijuana on a federal level.
Shoplifting in California is getting out of control because of recent criminal justice reform laws, a district attorney told EpochTV’s “California Insider.”
Reports emerge that colorful fentanyl resembling candy is being sent from China, targeting American kids and young adults, yet Biden admin takes no action.
Special investigators with Utah County Sheriff’s Office arrested Provo man on charges of alleged ritualistic child sex abuse stemming from a year-long investigation.
Drug that contributed to deaths of tens of thousands of Americans last year found hidden in candy packaging - could be peddled to young children via social media.
DEA announced results of an enforcement operation that spanned from May 2022 to Sept. 2022 and resulted in significant fentanyl seizures across the United States.