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A church in Texas removed self-described “Goth” drag performer with criminal conviction from what's advertised as a family drag bingo event.
As “wokism” continues to grow, former leftist-turned-conservative podcasters seek to unapologetically question its pervading narratives.
Joe Allen talks about his ban from Twitter for posting about the Boston Children’s Hospital gender-twisting surgery for children.
CDC promoting chatroom on its LGBT Youth Resources page discussing variety of sex-related topics, sex change operations and hormone replacement therapy.
Bill Maher Notices Something Odd About These Transgender Kids It had to happen. He's mentioned it multiple times in interviews. No, it's not the "I didn't leave the Democrats, the Democrats left me" bit. It's the "this stuff didn't happen"...
Army training slide instructs soldiers to shower with transgender members of opposite sex even if they have not undergone surgical transition.
17-year-old girl who regrets having her breasts removed as result of “gender-affirming care” testified before CA Assembly committee hearing.
In 2022, some members of a Seattle-area Boy Scouts of America unit have participated in a local pride parade celebration.
Conservative gays against radical LGBTQ+ agenda promoting drag queen events for children and de-gendering society by pushing transgenderism.
The governing body for international swimming approved new policies for transgender swimmers that will go into effect starting on June 20.
Could identifying as transgender be a result of social contagion? A week before Emma* turned 18, she told her family that she was a boy. “We were really sceptical,” said her mother, Judith Hunter, “She had no history of gender dysphoria, and...
Savanah Hernandez covers the 2022 Capital Pride Parade in Washington D.C., interviewing two kids about their gender and sexuality.
Tiffany Justice talks about trend of normalizing transgenderism to young children through Drag Queen shows where children participate.
Terry Schilling looks at FOX News Pride Month segment as Dana Perino introduces the “journey” of a child transitioning at the age of 5.