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Peter Navarro’s Taking Back Trump’s America Podcast

Hi. I’m Peter Navarro, its February 22, 2023, and in this edition of the Taking Back Trump’s America podcast, I want to sound the alarm over an upcoming meeting at the World Health Organization that may drag the United States deeper into the morass of this corrupt world body, further burden the US taxpayers, and further cede American sovereignty to a puppet international organization controlled by Communist China.

By way of history, at the beginning of the assault on America by the Chinese Communist Party virus a.k.a. Covid 19, in the early part of 2020, the World Health Organization failed miserably in its most important mission – protect the world from the ravages of the pandemic. Consider this timeline:

In early January of 2020, Steve Bannon was launching his now top-rated show War Room Pandemic – note the word “pandemic” in the War Room title. Meanwhile, in late January, I’m going into the Situation Room at the White House arguing on behalf of President Trump AGAINST Dr Anthony Fauci and Mick Mulvaney for the travel ban on China; and, to close the deal, I had to issue a memo that presciently said that a pandemic could likely kill millions of Americans and cost the US economy trillions of dollars. Note again, this early reference to a pandemic.

Not so curiously enough, it would take World Health Organization and its corrupt Director Tedros until March 11, 2020 to actually declare that a pandemic was underway. And we now know that Tedros and the World Health Organization held off to appease Communist China which was doing everything at the time to deny its heinous involvement in starting the pandemic. We now know, of course, too, the virus almost certainly came from a lab in Wuhan, that Dr Evil, a.k.a. Anthony Fauci, helped fund the gain of function research used to develop what essentially is a bioweapon, and Tedros himself was deep in the pocket the Chinese Communist Party.

By Peter Navarro

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