2020 Democrats

Contact Your Elected Officials

Who is a moderate for the Democrats?

Democrats must denounce this violence!
After the Democrat mayor warned that Trump supporters are not welcome in Minneapolis, hateful, left-wing activists stormed the streets to assault rallygoers and police officers.

Biden, Inc.
The other Democrat candidates say they would not have allowed the kind of shady foreign business deals that Joe Biden allowed his son Hunter to conduct while he was vice president.

In America, The People Rule Again
This Impeachment Scam is ignoring the voice of the people, WHO WILL BE HEARD AGAIN on November 3, 2020!

Stand With Our President
Democrats are a party in panic. Impeachment is their last and only hope. Don’t let them ERASE your vote!

Job Killing Joe
Joe Biden says he’d eliminate hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers’ paychecks in order to transition to a “greener” economy.

Clash of the Losers
The Democrat debates are showing Americans just how small and weak the candidates are.

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart