Female Quarterback Makes School History with Touchdown Pass

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FIFE, Washington – A touchdown pass at a Fife High School football game made history Friday night. The Trojans were playing against Clover Park when Fife’s starting quarterback injured his shoulder, so head coach Kent Nevin called backup female quarterback Brynna Nixon.

“I was really nervous at first but then I was like this is the thing I’ve been doing ever since I was a kid,” said Nixon.

It was the second half of the game. Nixon saw a lineman coming towards her and she had to get rid of the ball. She threw it to her teammate Elias for a 30-yard touchdown.

“The second it left my hand I knew it was going to be a good ball because you just have that feeling,” recalls Nixon.

The crowd went wild!

“I was excited. I was jumping up and down. She came over and high-fived the sideline for us and we were all ecstatic. Everyone was screaming!” said Nevin.

The 30-yard throw made Nixon the first female quarterback in school history to complete a touchdown pass in a Varsity game. The Trojans won 50-14.

The journey to Nixon’s historic pass started in the second grade when Nixon watched her first Seahawks game. She started playing in the third grade. In a male-dominated sport, Nixon says she’s just one of the guys.

“Like every game, people are like, ‘Oh my God, it’s a girl.’ I just see myself as a high school kid playing football and doing a sport that I love and have fun doing,” said Nixon.

Nevin adds, “The guys just look at her as a football player. They’re protective of her, but they look at her as a football player.”

Nixon and Nevin both say it was a team effort and they’re looking forward to playing against North Kitsap High School on Friday.

Source: Q13 FOX

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